Three Pears, three pairs, 3 X 2=6, threesome times two, six-tom, sex-a-ton, burn calories, hunger, pear, two more, and that makes three pears.

This is my brain:

Monday, April 26, 2010


Although I've been in a bit of a post-modern funk concerning my 365 Days of Music project (other bloggers have been doing the same project under the same NAME for years), I promise to continue throughout the year and make my (although seemingly insignificant) mark in blogger history. 

Day 50/365: Pa Pa Power, Dead Man's Bones.
One of the most golden redemption songs provided by Starbucks. I foresee this song catching a serious summer listening flu. 

Day 51/365: Piano Sonata No. 50 in C, Hayden 
One of my favorite classical pieces; the song provides such jovial contrasts from both sides of the piano. I adore that instrumental works have a different story for everyone. 

Day 52/365: Listen, (Listen, Listen), Wintersleep
This is the most beautiful song I have EVER heard. The title says it all. 

Day 53/365: Blue Eyes, Cary Brothers
Because he sings me Green Eyes, I hum him Blue Eyes. Love. 

Day 54/365: If It Kills Me, Jason Mraz
Listened to this adorably romantic song after watching 4 hours of Dexter. The inherent irony in the title of the song and Dexter being a psychopathic serial killer is delicious. My friend also did a beautiful dance to this song : !

Day 55/365: Bubble Toes, Jack Johnson
Nostalgic recollection of extreme idealism in ninth grade, I thought this song was written for me. 

Day 56/365: Satellite Mind, Metric
Their music is like poetry, incredibly catchy and foot tapping prose. Listen just for the lyrics.

8 Down, 44 to go!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Everyday is Earth Day for Me!

Most versatile, thus environmentally friendly eco-product to date:

You can buy jars of this green gold at any health food store or farmer's market! Basically, coconut oil is an all purpose natural and organic ingredient that is next to magical in its application. 
I use it for:
  • Smoothies (look up health benefits here)
  • Body lotion (especially great for moisturizing after shaving)
  • Deodorant (mixed with baking soda it works great, its effects vary for different people) 
  • Foot cream (no more rough heels)
  • Shoe polish (Make your shoes clean and cocolicious)
According to Green As A Thistle, you can even use it as lube! Pretty amazing, why haven't you bought some yet? Important fact, this stuff melts at about 25 degrees Celsius, so don't freak if it's suddenly liquid just put it in the fridge. 

Image source: GOOGLE!
This is the brand I used to have, I don't notice much of a difference between  brands except for the price. 

Spend some dimes on the coco you nut! 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't Be So Cocky

Porn Star's Night Light 

Beware the condom monster! 

Ah, modern art. 

Sources: FFFOUND
Need a hand carved penis bottle opener or incense holder ? Montreal's got it! 

Freudian boner... I mean Blog slip. 

Monday, April 19, 2010


Don't you just hate odd numbers? Well, I hope you'll love these slightly odd, but evenly enjoyable songs!

Source: WeHeartIt

Day 43/365: Sugar Town, Nancy Sinatra
This song makes me question my sexuality. It's just so lovable and lulling, truly a women's work. 

How adorable is the beginning of this video? Lesbionic passion surfacing.

Day 44/365 (Not to be confused with a second day 43) : Hello I love You, The Doors
Glee started today, this was the first song that was sung. Was already one of my favorite Doors songs, then Finn belted it.; )

Day 45/365: Hustle, Tunng
The sound of an adorable indie couple riding their flower adorned bicycles through a park. 

Day 46/465: Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want, She & Him
An ode to the new She &Him album with a classic/a prayer for warm weather for BSD! 

Day 47/365: Steal My Sunshine, Len
I got what I wanted, 19 Degrees and the first tanning day in Calgary. Also, BSD!!!!!!! My shirt read: Forget lines, this product's got curves! (Marketing) 

Day 48/365: Cecilia, Simon and Garfunkel
To answer the questions: favorite S&G song and the best summer cocktail bar track.

Day 49/365: Love and Mathematics, Broken Social Scene
Because my musical day math wasn't working all week, I decided to end it off with an instrumental piece.  Easier on the mind. 

7 Down, 45 to go!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Succulent Spaces

Is that light fixture both silver and pear shaped? Decorgasm!!

Hanging planters, gush! 

Bring the outside inside. I love old doors, so must history. 

Worthy of my butt. 

I want a library with a ladder!! 

Coach + Bed = Genius.

That rug, that beautiful, amazing, wonderful, rug.

I am choking on adoration. 

Time travel suitcases. 

Sources: FFFOUND and Flickr

Design is delicious. 

Monday, April 12, 2010


Heritage week for 365 days of Music, songs from Europe. 

Europe, where this music and myself were conceived!! 
Source: Tumblr

Day 36/365: Svadbas, Treblebass
Probably the first and only indie song from Croatia, it also doesn't include an accordion. It's almost anti-nationalistic. 

Day 37/365: Besos, El Canto Del Loco
A song from the great land of Paella, Bocadillos, and Tomatoes! Plus, I almost understand all the spanish!

Day 38/365: Alles Gut, TBF
My cousin's band from Croatia and one of my favorite feel good tunes. Dop Shoe Warry Warry, serious Croatian nostalgia. 

Day 39/365: Breakeven, The Script
A love(ly) band from County Wexford in the land of Ire. It's romantic craic like. 

Day 40/365: Birds, Kate Nash
The cutest, simplest, and most beautiful love song. I <3 you Kate Nash. 

Day 41/365: Nadalina, Oliver Dragojevic
My favorite Croatian song of all! It's a nostalgic childhood, giggle eliciting, and mood enhancing melody. 

Day 42/365: Just a Friend of Mine, Vaya Con Dios
A Belgium band, that causes the most vivid memories of Palaca Aneri. The first blog post was spurred on from listening to this song. 

6 Down, 46 to go! 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Adorable Selves

It's time to get in touch with our more adorable and artsy selves. Artist Nan Lawson is just the person to help. Her Esty page features adorable already made prints for purchase, as well as customized couple and individual portraits for order. My sister (the esty-aholic) had the following one made of her boyfriend, herself,  his dog (white caesar), and our dog (golden retriever). 

My sister's personalized portrait from Nan Lawson via Flickr. 

What I love most about this adorable personalized print is that Nan uses actual photographs to create it, and asks for specialized features to make it even more custom. For instance, the above print feature's a Harvard H on my sister's Boyfriend's sweater, her holding a Pear (read About Me box for explanation),  and her wearing a favorite coral necklace she bought in Croatia. I am planning on getting one of myself made featuring Three Pears for this blog. I hope to have that posted within the next couple months, as it takes Nan 3-4 weeks to get the print finished. As someone from a commercial for a movie I can't currently remember the name of once said: It takes a human being to really capture the essence of another human being. 
Art imitates you! 

Friday, April 9, 2010


Amortenia: the most powerful love potion in the world according to the Harry Potter Wiki (I feel no shame). The dominant characteristic of this potion is that it has a different scent for everyone who smells it, rendering them to sniff what they find most attractive. In Half Blood Prince, Hermione experiences this  combination of olfactory signals: fresh cut grass, new parchment, toothpaste, and Ron Weasley's hair (naughty, naughty).

So here is what I imagine Amortenia would smell like for me:
  • Suntan oil - Sweaters be gone when this be on, this is the smell of optimism
Source: Weheartit
  • My dog - the scent of unconditional love
  • Lipstick - The more expensive the more my nose agrees
  • Brisk freshness after the rain - providing it doesn't begin to hail afterwards... I hate Calgary. 
  • European Bakeries - the smell of freshly made croissant is enough for me to give my heart away.

Source: weheartit
  • Starbucks - In Ireland, I was willing to drive to Dublin just to get this scentual fix.
  • Fresh pen on paper - After lectures I'm  the person sniffing my note-book in a euphoric frenzy. 

  • Gasoline -  octane for my olfactory sensors, it's really good I don't drive I'd spend too much time there. 
  • Coconut - my favorite smell, flavor, and ingredient (Rice, Curry, Soup, Rolls, Ice Cream, Drink) 

  • Turquoise Mr. Sketch Marker - the scent of my youth, I probably was classically conditioned to love this color from this scent. The fact that it's supposed to smell like mangos may also be cause for my neuroticism. 
  • New Plastic Bags - This makes the environmentalist in me very sad, but give me a ream of Safeway bags and I'm in Neurotoxin heaven. 

View from my Coca Cola 2009
  • Coca Cola from the glass bottle - The scent of this worldwide brand poured over ice is bliss. 
  • Sam - Awe, the most powerful aspect of a strong love potion. Floating cheese ensues. 

Nose in Nose, Eyes and Toes. 

Your nose, knows. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What April Showers Bring

This is what my father would look like as a vegetable statue.
Source: WeHeartIt

Food in season in April: 

Artichokes (they have hearts too)
Asparagus (for funky smelling pee!)
Avocado (Guacamole anyone?)
Broccoli (still growing strong)
Broccolini (for sophistication's sake)
Fava beans (this sounds like something a diva would eat)
Kale (Uck)
Potatoes (Mash it up)
Radishes (Ravishing)
Rhubarb (Pie?)
Sunchoke (Darth Vador joke aside, what is this?)
Turnips (Vegetable Q-tips)

Blood oranges (Dexter approved)
Grapefruit (Don't drink the juice with meds!)
Kiwi fruit (The eye with the white iris)
Pineapple (Wear it as a hat)

Fish & Seafood:
Crab (grab it!)
Crayfish (Evolutionary disadvantaged lobster)
Mackerel (A miracle, would be knowing what this is)
Mussels (Jersey Shore boys were here!)

Eat seasonal, it tastes better

Matt by Matt & Nat

Eco-Product of the week:
Vegan leather wallets/hangbags

This is a screen shot of my beautiful new vegan leather, locally made and designed Matt by Matt and Nat wallet. It also features lining made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and antique brass hardware. I nearly had an ecogasm when I saw that this purse not only fit all of my misc. cards, could be carried easily to the bar with a wristlet strap, but that it was also completely sustainable, GUSH! I purchased this last week for $65 CDN and it is the third Matt and Nat wallet I've owned, (you could say I'm brand loyal) each has lasted about 3-4 years; so these products are additionally durable as a well as cruelty free, local, and recycled!   
This is probably my favorite eco-product thus far, mainly because items made from several different materials (metal, plastic, textile, etc) are so rarely holistically sustainable.  Doing marketing for Matt and Nat would be a dream come true, but more on my vague career aspirations later. I also feel like this product is the most metaphorical, yes that's right I said metaphorical. An eco-wallet is a moral check on purchases made from it; every eco-product you buy will utilize another eco-product in the process. 

One of my favorite features: the change purse can clip out and be carried separately. <3

Tred lightly on your bank account

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I present the ancient Hallucingenia: 

This is a computer generated image of what Paleontologists think this lovely Cambrian fossil looked like when it walked the earth's oceans *Rolls Eyes*. I just learned about it in my intro Geology course.
My opinion you ask? Why not in bullet form:

  • This thing looks like a cactus/mushroom love child 
  • Its name suggests it may be the first evolutionary shroom
  • I'd imagine that would be pretty trippy taking such a trippy hallucinogen
  • It also looks like a very ugly human penis, low in self esteem due to the 100s of billions of years left to wait for its female counterpart 
  • I couldn't take this shit seriously if I tried 
Geology, I have noting motivational to say. 

Monday, April 5, 2010


It's a Three Pears, pear guitar! 

30/365: Upular, Pogo 
This song is a remix of lines and sounds from Pixar's cartoon film UP. Brilliant concept, better sound. 

31/365: Je M'appelle Joseph, Mickey 3D
I have a strong liking for French music, despite my lack of language understanding. I think I out-indied YouTube with this one, the sound-quality is quite low. 

32/365: No song today--- APRIL FOOLS! Mercury, Bloc Party
The only song to which I am privy from their Intimacy album. Ironically, not so intimate. 

33/365: Jerk It, Thunderheist
My deep appreciation for female rappers will never cease. I'll have my brain frozen in a jar and still have artificial neuron pulses of anti-feminist groove blaring!

34/365: Green Eyes, Coldplay
I didn't have to choose my favorite Coldplay song, it chose me, and my DNA chose my iris coloration. 

35/365: Dance Anthem of the 80s, Regina Spektor
Remixes of this song are also essential, a Hypem search in the making.  Proof that she also does up-beat  songs, along with deeply heart-felt, boldly realistic and contemporary ballads. 

5 down, 47 to go! 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Innovation, Great for Capitalism, Awful for my Bank Account

Here are some great product ideas I've come across in the past month. 

Totally useful, yet useless drink tray. 

If this were a UV light I would no longer need caffeine. 

Forget realism, I want the real shit! 

This is brilliant, leave it in corporate bathrooms, or at networking events.
Sources: FFFound and StumbleUpon

These are water-proof & re-paintable wellies for kids. Potential product layer: Family experience, and Child's continued artistic expression. 

Innovate, make money procreate!