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Monday, April 12, 2010


Heritage week for 365 days of Music, songs from Europe. 

Europe, where this music and myself were conceived!! 
Source: Tumblr

Day 36/365: Svadbas, Treblebass
Probably the first and only indie song from Croatia, it also doesn't include an accordion. It's almost anti-nationalistic. 

Day 37/365: Besos, El Canto Del Loco
A song from the great land of Paella, Bocadillos, and Tomatoes! Plus, I almost understand all the spanish!

Day 38/365: Alles Gut, TBF
My cousin's band from Croatia and one of my favorite feel good tunes. Dop Shoe Warry Warry, serious Croatian nostalgia. 

Day 39/365: Breakeven, The Script
A love(ly) band from County Wexford in the land of Ire. It's romantic craic like. 

Day 40/365: Birds, Kate Nash
The cutest, simplest, and most beautiful love song. I <3 you Kate Nash. 

Day 41/365: Nadalina, Oliver Dragojevic
My favorite Croatian song of all! It's a nostalgic childhood, giggle eliciting, and mood enhancing melody. 

Day 42/365: Just a Friend of Mine, Vaya Con Dios
A Belgium band, that causes the most vivid memories of Palaca Aneri. The first blog post was spurred on from listening to this song. 

6 Down, 46 to go! 

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