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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I present the ancient Hallucingenia: 

This is a computer generated image of what Paleontologists think this lovely Cambrian fossil looked like when it walked the earth's oceans *Rolls Eyes*. I just learned about it in my intro Geology course.
My opinion you ask? Why not in bullet form:

  • This thing looks like a cactus/mushroom love child 
  • Its name suggests it may be the first evolutionary shroom
  • I'd imagine that would be pretty trippy taking such a trippy hallucinogen
  • It also looks like a very ugly human penis, low in self esteem due to the 100s of billions of years left to wait for its female counterpart 
  • I couldn't take this shit seriously if I tried 
Geology, I have noting motivational to say. 

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