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Thursday, April 8, 2010

What April Showers Bring

This is what my father would look like as a vegetable statue.
Source: WeHeartIt

Food in season in April: 

Artichokes (they have hearts too)
Asparagus (for funky smelling pee!)
Avocado (Guacamole anyone?)
Broccoli (still growing strong)
Broccolini (for sophistication's sake)
Fava beans (this sounds like something a diva would eat)
Kale (Uck)
Potatoes (Mash it up)
Radishes (Ravishing)
Rhubarb (Pie?)
Sunchoke (Darth Vador joke aside, what is this?)
Turnips (Vegetable Q-tips)

Blood oranges (Dexter approved)
Grapefruit (Don't drink the juice with meds!)
Kiwi fruit (The eye with the white iris)
Pineapple (Wear it as a hat)

Fish & Seafood:
Crab (grab it!)
Crayfish (Evolutionary disadvantaged lobster)
Mackerel (A miracle, would be knowing what this is)
Mussels (Jersey Shore boys were here!)

Eat seasonal, it tastes better

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