Three Pears, three pairs, 3 X 2=6, threesome times two, six-tom, sex-a-ton, burn calories, hunger, pear, two more, and that makes three pears.

This is my brain:

Monday, April 5, 2010


It's a Three Pears, pear guitar! 

30/365: Upular, Pogo 
This song is a remix of lines and sounds from Pixar's cartoon film UP. Brilliant concept, better sound. 

31/365: Je M'appelle Joseph, Mickey 3D
I have a strong liking for French music, despite my lack of language understanding. I think I out-indied YouTube with this one, the sound-quality is quite low. 

32/365: No song today--- APRIL FOOLS! Mercury, Bloc Party
The only song to which I am privy from their Intimacy album. Ironically, not so intimate. 

33/365: Jerk It, Thunderheist
My deep appreciation for female rappers will never cease. I'll have my brain frozen in a jar and still have artificial neuron pulses of anti-feminist groove blaring!

34/365: Green Eyes, Coldplay
I didn't have to choose my favorite Coldplay song, it chose me, and my DNA chose my iris coloration. 

35/365: Dance Anthem of the 80s, Regina Spektor
Remixes of this song are also essential, a Hypem search in the making.  Proof that she also does up-beat  songs, along with deeply heart-felt, boldly realistic and contemporary ballads. 

5 down, 47 to go! 

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