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Friday, May 28, 2010

You're Late For Tea!

Source: WeHeartIt

Here is a recipe for delicious fresh mint tea: 

 1. Add a cap full of rose water to every cup -1/2 of water. Put into a pot to boil, wait for the bubbles...then

2. add a cube and half of raw sugar to each cup -1/2 liquid... but wait you must

3. add a few stems of fresh mint and cover and let boil... be patient it'll only take a few minutes

4. then you're welcome to put it into an adorable mug and enjoy! 

And a very merry unbirthday to you, unless it is your birthday in which case happy birthday! 

Vegan Floss

Because not flossing means that you're missing 40% of your tooth surface (Yikes); This week's eco-product is vegan dental floss! 

Alright, this eco-product may seem insignificant but really, people should be flossing all the time (myself included). This vegan floss by Eco-Dent comes in a biodegradable recycled/recyclable package and is  100% vegan waxed with all natural essential oils and enzymes for a minty flavor. The box is even printed with soy ink. They thought of everything, just like we all should with our teeth surfaces. I bought my 37m box at the local Eco-Store, but it can also be purchased at any Organic foods market.

My dog even approves of all natural floss. 

Get rid of the crap in between, keep the Earth nice and clean! 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Musical's week for 365 days of music! 

Source: WeHeartIt

Day 77/365: Cell Block Tango, Chicago
Pop, Six, Squish, Uh-uh, Cicero, Lipschitz. It was a musical but not a crime! 

Day 78/365: Damn It Janet, Rocky Horror Picture Show
Hey Slut, yes asshole? I've got something to say (I'm gay), I really love the skillful way you GIVE HEAD!! Shout back lines are essential for this movie cult classic. 

Day 79/365: Honey Honey, Mamma Mia
How this song thrills me, Ah Uh, Honey Honey nearly kills me. 

Day 80/365: Grease Theme, Grease
It's the word you know, and not just a movie we all love and paralleled our lives to in junior high. 

Day 81/365: Vogue, Glee
The best ever Glee cover, ever, including Poker Face. Sue Sylvester will never be c-een in the same way. 

Sorry friends YouTube wouldn't let me upload the original video, click here to watch it in its lacey glory.

Day 82/365: Under The Sea, The Little Mermaid
Everything's better down where it's wetter! My favorite childhood movie of all time, yay for fighting social norms. 

Day 83/365: Complainte De La Butte, Rufus Wainwright/Moulin Rouge
Ideal for the film, french and romantic. <3 

12 down, 40 to go! 


Seriously creepy and awful photo shopping, via a magazine I flipped through last week.

Apparently this condo purveyor thought that young moderate income couples wanted to look like the Joker in their new space.

"And I thought my jokes were bad." - The Joker, Dark Knight. 

Solid Shampoo

Lush's completely waste-free gem is this week's featured Eco-Product

Holy moly is this little disk ever amazing. Not only is it waste free with no plastic packaging, it also lasts about 60-80 washes which is twice-three times the use you'll get from a regular packaged shampoo! The shampoo bar is also preservative free and natural, yet it still froths right up once you rub it straight onto your scalp. The above bar is Squeaky Green,  designed for stimulating the scalp; I own a mini version of it and have only used up half of it in the past month and a half! As described on Lush's website, "it will leave your hair and the environment clean!" Actually all of Lush's shampoo bars are  specialized for different hair types and effects, and they even have conditioning bars. The best part of all? They smell amazing and only cost between 7-10  CDN dollars each! 

Hard solid shampoo, for shower's with hard water! 

Save the planet, shower with solid shampoo & a friend. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


One week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10080 minutes, 604800 seconds

Source: WeHeartIt

Day 71/365: The Greatest Show On Earth,  The Felice Brothers
On the first listen it sounds like you've heard it 100 times before. If that isn't greatness I don't know what is. 

Day 72/365: The Dog Song, Nellie McKay
Today's Glee assignment was to find your voice song. This is mine.  

What an awkwardly hilarious video. Apparently this woman thinks dramatic zooms to the forehead are very effective, especially for this song about walking your dog and having major depression.

Day 73/365: Sex Video, Love & Electrick
Funny Story, went for a spa day today searched SPA in iTunes and this song came up. 

Day 74/365: Monsieur Valentine, Spoon
This makes me want to spoon, spoon. 

Day 75/365: Here Comes The Sun, The Beatles
The first time I heard this song: in The Parent Trap during the scene where pre-debauchery Lindsay Lohan arrives in London to be reunited with her long lost mum. 

Day 76/365: Charmer, Kings of Leon
Challenge: scream at the correct time during this song. It's a lot harder than you'd think. 

11 down, 41 left to go 

Fred is my Friend

As someone (like many Gen Y's) who mutes the TV during commercials, is blind to print ads, and inherently aware of the saturation of several products in our society (That's enough Swiffer) I greatly appreciate creative product ideas. Fred & Friends is a company that produces witty, adorable, and innovative thinga-ma-bobs. Here are a few of my favorites from their website. I've seen most of the line featured in speciality paper and stationary stores like Reid's on 17th. I am mainly a fan of the kitchen products; since in general those tend to me the most boring, yet the most open to creativity. 

These are Babushkups, perfect for excessive vodka tipple. 

M-cups for measuring gypsy tears. 

This is the Table Saw, for butch buttercreams. 

I would cry from joy over this Spilt Milk. 

If you find a better magnet idea, let me know.

Gum drop buttons not included. Great, but no cookie sutra!

Get revenge on stuck spinach.

Thing from the Adam's Family would be proud. 

Too bad Xposed won't tickle airport security's funny bone. Not even this model who looks like Claire after the Breakfast Club, with her Poodle 'Sushi', could cheer those hard asses up. 

Additional Fred item ideas:
  • Tea Cup teaspoons and Table shaped tablespoons 
  • Dolphin tea diffuser 
  • Campfire shaped tea-light holder 

Fred, because friend's don't judge your need to buy kitchen supplies whilst still living with your parents. 

Monday, May 17, 2010


I call this belatedly posted week of music: Bitter Sweet 
It is summer time, nothing is green yet, and I'm unemployed. 

Source: WeHeartIt
Day 64/365: Me and Julio, Paul Simon
A serious cheer up tune. Rejoice, waking up before the sun rises is for employed and accredited suckers! 

Day 65/365: Sadie Hawkin's Dance, Relient K
Today I helped my best friend (hoarder in denial) clean her room. We found a seat-belt belt and math homework from grade 10. It was a day for nostalgia. 

Day 66/365: Uptown Girl, Billy Joel
Chose this song after reading part of my 9th grade diary. This song reminds me of that time, I thank God daily that I'm no longer in junior high. 

Day 67/365: Church, T-Pain
An all time favorite passive aggressive mood state elevator. Feel angry? Listen to this song instead. Actually, being stimulated heightens feelings of anger and provokes aggressive behavior. So this isn't the best course of action. Thus, the myth of exercise lessening anger is disproved; thank you social psychology research. 
On another note, this song would sound wonderful if sang by a classical soprano. Glee you reading this?

Day 68/365: Rebellion, Arcade Fire
This is one of my favorite friend's favorite songs. She had a tye dye party this day, I now have three starburst thongs. 

Day 69/365: Alejandro, Lady GaGa
A sexy song for this naughty day. I'm waiting on the video release of this. We can only hope that the recurrent theme of male murdering is incorporated. Nobody kills a man like Lady Gaga. 

Day 70/365: Ruby Tuesday, The Rolling Stones
It's Mothers' Day and this is my mother's favorite song. <3

Also, today is YouTube's 5th birthday, It is as old as my dog

10 down, 42 to go! 

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Source: FFFound

This summer I have promised myself that I will learn these essential skills (Because boyfriends only want girlfriends who have... no just kidding I won't take it to Napoleon Dynamite levels) :
  1. How to Cook
  2. How to Drive
  3. How to use Adobe Work Suite
  4. How to go a year without a 2 month vacation
Thus far I've mostly worked on  number one,  how to cook. So here are two recipes I successfully completed and devoured last week (I love you Food Network):

Crepes with Caramelized Apples 

These were actually surprisingly easy. Perhaps just because I've watched my mother make crepes my entire life. My suggestion: water down the batter quite a bit and use a teflon pan

Coconut Cupcakes
These were for my dad's birthday as his (it's heritable) favorite flavor is also coconut. 
I recommend using more icing sugar than stated in the recipe and a little bit less lemon juice and more vanilla. 

As for everything else, I think driving school and a course in Adobe will help me out... number four is the biggest issue. If my blog entries seem to abruptly stop mid July, consider myself in Europe. 

Skills, get some! *Hip Thrust*

Monday, May 10, 2010

May(be) You Should Eat This

It's May, and although spring weather has yet to set in, shits still growing! Here's what's in season: 

Artichokes - Good for the heart. Asparagus - Make your pee smell funny. Avocado - Cinco De Mayo is in May, guacamole should be at its freshest. Broccoli - the super food. Corn - Because everything is made from it. Cucumber - Early pickles. Fava Beans - The more you eat the more you toot. Peas - The original ipod. Radishes - I always thought this word sounded like an expression, like blushing or ravishing. Rhubarb - Yummier celery. Spinach - Popeye! Zucchini - Better version of cucumbers! 

Apricots - My favorite flavor of jam. Grapefruit - When you want to eat nothing. Kiwi Fruit - Ross from Friends is allergic to this. Lemons - Life is officially giving them to you! Limes - Time for Mojitios and Margaritas! Pineapple - How exotic. Strawberries - Finally no more genetically modified gigantic berries. 

Crab - Crawling out of the ocean and into my mouth. Mackerel - The first person to explain what the hell this is to me (too lazy to google) will receive a lollipop (always in season) of their choice. 

Sources: WeHeartit

Eat in season, your taste buds May oblige. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Six Thousand Words

In cause of an emergency consider this moral dilemma. I stood in this spot and giggled for a good 5 minutes, Heathrow Airport 2008. 

Caution: Business men may be skipping with young girls. Spain summer 2008. 

A fine S&M establishment, I have no idea what this could have been otherwise. Spain summer 2008. 

The leprechauns were here. 

Gynecologists' street, Split, Croatia summer 2009. 

The biggest most expensive yacht in the world. The front of which can cut arctic ice, normal 2 million dollar yacht for scale. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Finishing second year the playlist: 
Source: WeHeartIt

Day 57/365: Burning Down the House, Talking Heads
Apparently I was procrastinating whilst listening to this rock n' roll favorite. 

Day 58/365: Excuses, The Morning Benders
No need for excuses, no more exams!

Day 59/365: Come Around, Tim and Jean
A perfect summer party track, dance in the freedom. 

Day 60/365: On To The Next One, Jay Z
The hot summer track according to Vibe 98.5. *Eye Roll, followed by infectious dancing*

Day 61/365: Baby, Justin Bieber
The ISEEESA 2010 executive retreat theme song. Baby Dick's (club founder's) pick. 

Day 62/365: Sexy Boy, Air
The first song on my "Songs to Strip To" Playlist.

Day 63/365: Actor Out of Work, St. Vincent
This artist looks like a girl you would run into at the local coffee shop, who may or may not have deep rooted psychological trauma. 

9 Down, 43 to go! 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Domestic Bliss

Three Pears 3 step formula for domestic bliss, sealed with a kiss: 

1. Eat and enjoy great food together
The Cookie Sutra cookie cutter set, nothing says I love you like a chocolate chip 69. 

2. Communicate, in multiple mediums
Every time I see a cute old couple I think : Viagra. 

3. Avoid financial issues

Eat, Talk, Pay.