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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Finishing second year the playlist: 
Source: WeHeartIt

Day 57/365: Burning Down the House, Talking Heads
Apparently I was procrastinating whilst listening to this rock n' roll favorite. 

Day 58/365: Excuses, The Morning Benders
No need for excuses, no more exams!

Day 59/365: Come Around, Tim and Jean
A perfect summer party track, dance in the freedom. 

Day 60/365: On To The Next One, Jay Z
The hot summer track according to Vibe 98.5. *Eye Roll, followed by infectious dancing*

Day 61/365: Baby, Justin Bieber
The ISEEESA 2010 executive retreat theme song. Baby Dick's (club founder's) pick. 

Day 62/365: Sexy Boy, Air
The first song on my "Songs to Strip To" Playlist.

Day 63/365: Actor Out of Work, St. Vincent
This artist looks like a girl you would run into at the local coffee shop, who may or may not have deep rooted psychological trauma. 

9 Down, 43 to go! 

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