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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fred is my Friend

As someone (like many Gen Y's) who mutes the TV during commercials, is blind to print ads, and inherently aware of the saturation of several products in our society (That's enough Swiffer) I greatly appreciate creative product ideas. Fred & Friends is a company that produces witty, adorable, and innovative thinga-ma-bobs. Here are a few of my favorites from their website. I've seen most of the line featured in speciality paper and stationary stores like Reid's on 17th. I am mainly a fan of the kitchen products; since in general those tend to me the most boring, yet the most open to creativity. 

These are Babushkups, perfect for excessive vodka tipple. 

M-cups for measuring gypsy tears. 

This is the Table Saw, for butch buttercreams. 

I would cry from joy over this Spilt Milk. 

If you find a better magnet idea, let me know.

Gum drop buttons not included. Great, but no cookie sutra!

Get revenge on stuck spinach.

Thing from the Adam's Family would be proud. 

Too bad Xposed won't tickle airport security's funny bone. Not even this model who looks like Claire after the Breakfast Club, with her Poodle 'Sushi', could cheer those hard asses up. 

Additional Fred item ideas:
  • Tea Cup teaspoons and Table shaped tablespoons 
  • Dolphin tea diffuser 
  • Campfire shaped tea-light holder 

Fred, because friend's don't judge your need to buy kitchen supplies whilst still living with your parents. 

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