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Monday, May 17, 2010


I call this belatedly posted week of music: Bitter Sweet 
It is summer time, nothing is green yet, and I'm unemployed. 

Source: WeHeartIt
Day 64/365: Me and Julio, Paul Simon
A serious cheer up tune. Rejoice, waking up before the sun rises is for employed and accredited suckers! 

Day 65/365: Sadie Hawkin's Dance, Relient K
Today I helped my best friend (hoarder in denial) clean her room. We found a seat-belt belt and math homework from grade 10. It was a day for nostalgia. 

Day 66/365: Uptown Girl, Billy Joel
Chose this song after reading part of my 9th grade diary. This song reminds me of that time, I thank God daily that I'm no longer in junior high. 

Day 67/365: Church, T-Pain
An all time favorite passive aggressive mood state elevator. Feel angry? Listen to this song instead. Actually, being stimulated heightens feelings of anger and provokes aggressive behavior. So this isn't the best course of action. Thus, the myth of exercise lessening anger is disproved; thank you social psychology research. 
On another note, this song would sound wonderful if sang by a classical soprano. Glee you reading this?

Day 68/365: Rebellion, Arcade Fire
This is one of my favorite friend's favorite songs. She had a tye dye party this day, I now have three starburst thongs. 

Day 69/365: Alejandro, Lady GaGa
A sexy song for this naughty day. I'm waiting on the video release of this. We can only hope that the recurrent theme of male murdering is incorporated. Nobody kills a man like Lady Gaga. 

Day 70/365: Ruby Tuesday, The Rolling Stones
It's Mothers' Day and this is my mother's favorite song. <3

Also, today is YouTube's 5th birthday, It is as old as my dog

10 down, 42 to go! 

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