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This is my brain:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Interior Inspiration

Imagine a full closet parallel to a table and chair completely drenched in half a meter of clothes. This has been the state of my bedroom for the past 2 months. It exhausts me to look at, and definitely doesn't make me feel fashionable. So here is what I imagine it looks like, just before I walk through the door. 

Forget chronological, color code your prose. 
I actually do color code my closet, when I have time to breathe that is. It makes finding favorites simple.

The lived in feeling I wish my room had. Teddy, home made quilt, sanded edges. 

Spiral staircases, because they're beautiful and make you a little dizzy.

For all the pre-revolutionary French dinner parties I have in my room. Macaroons will be involved. 

Antlers I love; chemically maintained animal carcasses not so much. 

Hat boxes and changing screens, to through decadent prints and silk over.

Then I'll make my last name : yourhighness

Cracked ceilings are so incredibly heart warming to me; I would actually wall paper a ceiling to make it look like this. Also, busts are a must. 

This is just eerily accurate. Someone must have performed extraction and constructed this room from my deepest aesthetic pleasures. Spot the pears. 

Children, use your inside style choices please. 


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Regretfully, I was reminded why I try to leave the country prior to the 1st Friday of July. I seriously dislike the Calgary Stampede. As my incredibly articulate friend stated: "It's just a big whorey party with an awful sountrack." Here was my survival/mockery playlist for the week (too bad it lasts for 2 weeks). 

Day 126/365: Hold My Beer While I Kiss Your Girlfriend, Erin Pritchett.
Stampede killed chivalry in the West. Airbrush your wedding tan today!

Day 127/365: Quelqu'un m'a dit" – Carla Bruni.
My 500th tweet. Commended by my favorite song from the 500 Days Of Summer soundtrack. :)

Day 128/365: I'm Gonna Be, The Proclaimers.
Cause I would tweet 500 times and I would tweet 500 more!

Day 129/365: No Diggity, Klaxons.
The Klaxons are the best way that middle class caucasian people can listen to hip hop, un-ironically.

Day 130/365: Seven Nation Army, The White Stripes.
This song was to me in 2004, what Kid Cudi's Day N' Nite, is to me now. Never, ever, got old.

Day 131/365: Day 131/365: Swimming, Florence and The Machine.
"Your songs remind me of swimming, but I can't swim anymore." She sang with the depth of an ocean.

Day 132/365: White Houses, Vanessa Carlton.
#SongsAboutVirginity, I promise this thread will be gentle. It does love you after all, you're not just another thread contributer to it.

19 down, 33 to go!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad Poetry? Oh Noetry!

There was a period in my life when my intended destiny was to publish a book of poetry, or two. I would think over a single sentence all day long. Although my ego needs were satisfied, because I knew the content, I never believed anyone else would comprehend. That was the dominant force that made me stop writing. Never ever could I give myself the courage, or the credit to bare all at the risk of having nobody internalize the words. So, I thought what better way to laugh in the face of my own ridiculous insecurity than comment on my old poems.

Context - Grade 10

Lightly sparked crimson
and streaming, gleaming gold
These fish nets won't ever be sold
Now:  This has to be about some ridiculous fish net stockings  I saw in a store and decided to  make aesthetic.

Stairwells that lead nowhere
Alleyways to paradise
Bells chime at the turn of the hour
They'll always ask questions
not wanting the answers
Now: I was intrigued by the idea of impossible pathways. Insert time motif, no further reference...sure. I greatly enjoyed amputating my sentences 
that was dramatic.

Our cold war 
was freezing
My glaciers were the first to erode
Now: I had a fight with someone,  probably just watched Ice Age, and done an assignment on the the Iron Curtain.

You went platinum
the profit running into the 
Perfectly initiated
Seemingly effortless
They'll commend you
the fastest to ever sell out
Now : This  poem was about a whorey girl with major daddy issues ditching me to be more popular and slutty.  Also strainer sounded like strain her, as she evidently did to my emotions. Ah, to be young.

Socks inside of socks
Now: My first incredibly artistic interpretation of properly folded socks.

Gargle and allude
Shake well before disposal  
Now: This poem appears inspired from a mouthwash label, a timeless muse. Really, it was about douchey guys in high school being vague and objectifying. The shake well before disposal is a play on words to the regular  food instruction. I intended for it to symbolize the inability for d-bags to open up, but rather mind fuck the hell out of you and then stop talking to you in Social class.

Lip stained skin and
clutched frame of mind
I don't want to, but I have
Now: This was about a guy I lead on for a while. I obviously felt a combination of self-righteousness and guilt about the situation. He told me 2 years later that he'd never forgotten about me, I  remember laughing out load . The confession was over FB chat. 

Context -2006

He'll rest on the seams
You've woven shut. 
Now: Although they seem like the best kind of friends and summer flings; Water-polo players have water on the brain and don't know how to treat me like another member of the human condition. Apathy is an art with this lot.

Drenched with laziness
signifying dirt
stepped on and tied
but never hurt. 
Now:  Ladies and Gentlemen, my Ode to the Shoelace.

You bear nothing with your gifts
foreign shifts and moonly howls
Don't you miss me too?
Now: I obviously didn't like this guy, but once we howled at the moon together. So I assumed he should yearn for me.

She's lonely
She needs me
from a place I need to be
The place that separates us  
distorted but clear
The continents seem so much smaller
on paper
so much closer in scale
Now: This poem still has great significance for me. It's about my best friend being deported, after living in Canada for 7 years and being my friend for 6 of them.  She currently lives in Ireland, and I miss her daily. This poem is a heartbroken interpretation of a map with two markings.

Into a false sense of literacy I, the inarticulate am rising.  
Now: This, fittingly enough was my take on my writing in 2007. 

I'm so adjective, I verb nouns. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


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Despite the opinions (ahem, don't judge until you read) of many of my peers, Twilight is going to be 2010's highest earning Franchise.  The soundtracks are sound mastery phenomena's; that much is eternal. This was my attempt to make it through another week of 365 days without just copy pasting the rest of the CD not already featured. This may explain why my songs don't meld together as wonderfully as the Saga's soundtracks.

Day 119/365: Heavy In Your Arms, Florence And The Machine
Incredible, my favorite song of the year. This isn't a song, it's an epic poem set to music. 

Day 120/365: The Sweetest Kill, Broken Social Scene
Apparently I'm recently obsessed with songs about metaphorical and physical death and murder. 

Day 121/365: La Flaca, Jarabe De Palo
Background music during Saturday morning breakfast at the Woods', we were in Spain that day according to this song. 

Day 122/365: Make Her Say, Kid Cudi feat. Kanye & Common
I don't like songs to be suggestive, blatant sexual comments are more like it. 

Day 123/365: Instead, Madeleine Peyroux
Categorized as one of those "self-help advice" songs, not everything is about immoral love and murder.

Day 124/365: Natural Disasters, Enon
Found this nauseatingly indie song back in the 9th grade, I thought I was the only unique person ever back then. Hello web 2.0. 

Day 125/365: Mirror Ball, The Crayon Fields
#SongsAboutVirginity. My first ever thread, hoping nobody feels regretful and self-loathing after participating.

18 down, 34 to go! 

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Life in 19 Days:

This, is my Montreal 2010 Osheaga lineup for  July 31-August 1st: 

July 31st : 
  1. The Walkmen
  2. Ingrid Michaelson 
  3. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros 
  4. K'aan
  5. Stars
  6. Keane
  7. Pavement
  8. The National
  9. Arcade Fire 
August 1st : 
  1. The Black Keys
  2. The Cat Empire
  3. Snoop Dogg
  4. Metric
  5. DEVO

Montreal+ Music+ Fondue+Boyfriend+ Time off work = Incredibly happy Sanja! 

SpaRitual Vegan Nailpolish

Featured Eco-product!
Source: SpaRitual

Um, Um, Um, Ahem... this is nail polish, vegan, packaged in recycled glass and plastic... nail polish. I think I actually screamed when I found out about this eco-product. I don't even think I have anything more to say about it. Except that they come in copious amazing colors, and even have numerology numbers and moods assigned to each of them. You can buy your guilt-free SpaRitual nail polish at Murale (Optimum points WHATT???), or on their website (link above). 

Paint your nails, green!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Junly Seasonal Food

It's summer, that means things are actually truly really growing in Canada! Yay Farmer's Market local fruit!

Source: WeHeartIt

June + July = Junly 

Arugula (I prefer the baby kind)
Beet (Everything's going that way) 
Beet Greens (If you didn't feel like the red stumpy things weren't enough)
Bell Peppers (Oh glorious creatures)
Carrots (Get that Vitamin A)
Corn (When isn't this growing/what isn't it in?)
Cucumber (Great addition to bruschetta)
Eggplant (Large purple egg plant)
Garlic (Oh sweet glorious garlic, sorry vampires)
Peas (The original iPod)
Radishes (My mom was convinced these would turn fingernails red when she was a child)
Rhubarb (Yummier version of celery)
Zucchini (The better version of cucumber)

Apricot (Mini peaches)
Blackberries ( I don't like these, just like the phones) 
Blueberries (Apparently New Jersey's bounty)
Cherries (The sexy fruit) 
Lemons (Life gives us all of these things!)
Limes (Tequila, Tequila!)
Melon (I never know which one this is... the green one? Of just name for the genre?)
Nectarines (Peaches, but bad ass.)
Passion Fruit (It will never back down, it will not be defeated, it is... passionate) 
Peaches (The alluded)
Pineapple (Cut my first one up the other day, :)
Plums (The old people fruit)
Strawberries (I don't know how I ever ate them during the year otherwise)
Tomatoes (They're a fruit!) 

Eat, Drink, and Be Local! 


Temporal lobe titillation, enjoy. 

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Day 112/365: How I Got Over, The Roots
I was sick this day, just like this killer beat!!! Mostly posted this because I am so Street. 

Day 113/365: Chop and Change, The Black Keys 

Day 114/365: The Situation, Mike- The Situation feat. Fat Man Scoop and everybody that was ever a failure as a rapper
Fist Fuckin Pump. 

Day 115/365: Furry Walls, Aldous Snow
Have you not seen Get Him To the Greek Yet? If so, get the fuck off the internet and into the theatre, or Stroke furry walls.

Day 116/365: Little Lion Man, Mumford and Sons
From my dancing bee, always teaching me how to really listen to music. 

Day 117/365: Killamangiro, Babyshambles
Why hello previously beloved song, thanks for getting stuck in my head during work. :) Also, this song reminds me of Bree Tanner (whom I was reading about at the time). 

Day 118/365: Poke, Frightened Rabbit 
First lyric actually feels like it pokes out, in a totally not facebook kind of way. 

17 down, 35 to go! 

Sunday, July 4, 2010


You know when you wait for a package to arrive in the mail, and it always takes longer to arrive than you expect? Well, this is kind of like that, except this package is a borderline random playlist of songs I listened to a few weeks ago.

Source: WeHeartIt

105/365: Stars Are Blind, Paris Hilton
Most gluttonous guilty pleasure song ever. Also, Paris Hilton is ridiculous and someone not in the news!

106/365: You're Addicted to Love, Florence and The Machine
New favorite band, I'm addicted to FTM.

107/365: California Gurls, Katy Perry
Hansel and Gretal on Hollywood.  I actually hate this song, how did it burrow itself so deeply into my brain?

108/365: Bella's Lullaby, Carter Burwell
Apart from adoring the Twilight Saga soundtracks, I really admire  instrumental pieces.

109/365: Time Won't Let Me Go, The Bravery
Literally felt like a slave to the 24 hour clock this week. I need to reduce my plate.

110/365: With You In My Head, UNKLE feat. The Black Angels
The first song I fell irrevocably in love with from the Eclipse Sountrack, note the word first. They're a phenomena of a mix tape.

111/365: I'm Gonna Getcha, Shania Twain
How did I ever forget about Shania. She's seriously the best, and gotcha stuck in my head. In addition, how badly do I want that bike?

16 down, 36 to go!!