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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Junly Seasonal Food

It's summer, that means things are actually truly really growing in Canada! Yay Farmer's Market local fruit!

Source: WeHeartIt

June + July = Junly 

Arugula (I prefer the baby kind)
Beet (Everything's going that way) 
Beet Greens (If you didn't feel like the red stumpy things weren't enough)
Bell Peppers (Oh glorious creatures)
Carrots (Get that Vitamin A)
Corn (When isn't this growing/what isn't it in?)
Cucumber (Great addition to bruschetta)
Eggplant (Large purple egg plant)
Garlic (Oh sweet glorious garlic, sorry vampires)
Peas (The original iPod)
Radishes (My mom was convinced these would turn fingernails red when she was a child)
Rhubarb (Yummier version of celery)
Zucchini (The better version of cucumber)

Apricot (Mini peaches)
Blackberries ( I don't like these, just like the phones) 
Blueberries (Apparently New Jersey's bounty)
Cherries (The sexy fruit) 
Lemons (Life gives us all of these things!)
Limes (Tequila, Tequila!)
Melon (I never know which one this is... the green one? Of just name for the genre?)
Nectarines (Peaches, but bad ass.)
Passion Fruit (It will never back down, it will not be defeated, it is... passionate) 
Peaches (The alluded)
Pineapple (Cut my first one up the other day, :)
Plums (The old people fruit)
Strawberries (I don't know how I ever ate them during the year otherwise)
Tomatoes (They're a fruit!) 

Eat, Drink, and Be Local! 

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