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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


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Despite the opinions (ahem, don't judge until you read) of many of my peers, Twilight is going to be 2010's highest earning Franchise.  The soundtracks are sound mastery phenomena's; that much is eternal. This was my attempt to make it through another week of 365 days without just copy pasting the rest of the CD not already featured. This may explain why my songs don't meld together as wonderfully as the Saga's soundtracks.

Day 119/365: Heavy In Your Arms, Florence And The Machine
Incredible, my favorite song of the year. This isn't a song, it's an epic poem set to music. 

Day 120/365: The Sweetest Kill, Broken Social Scene
Apparently I'm recently obsessed with songs about metaphorical and physical death and murder. 

Day 121/365: La Flaca, Jarabe De Palo
Background music during Saturday morning breakfast at the Woods', we were in Spain that day according to this song. 

Day 122/365: Make Her Say, Kid Cudi feat. Kanye & Common
I don't like songs to be suggestive, blatant sexual comments are more like it. 

Day 123/365: Instead, Madeleine Peyroux
Categorized as one of those "self-help advice" songs, not everything is about immoral love and murder.

Day 124/365: Natural Disasters, Enon
Found this nauseatingly indie song back in the 9th grade, I thought I was the only unique person ever back then. Hello web 2.0. 

Day 125/365: Mirror Ball, The Crayon Fields
#SongsAboutVirginity. My first ever thread, hoping nobody feels regretful and self-loathing after participating.

18 down, 34 to go! 

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