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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Osheaga was amazing! Here is the remainder of the best live songs I heard there, plus some back to work tunes.


Day 147/365: Drop It Like Its Hot, Snopp Dogg.
Off the motherfuckin' chain @Osheaga! Snoop- "Repeat after me, BIATCH! Entire crowd-BIATCH!"

Day 148/365: Combat Baby, Metric.
How I miss your ranting, do you miss my all time lows.

Day 149/365: E is for Estranged, Owen Pallete.
A great end to an amazing week! O is for Osheaga!

Day 150/365: My Next Girl, The Black Keys.
"My next girl, won't be nothing like my ex girl"-stuck in my head.

Day 151/365: Humans Are Dead, Flight of The Conchords.
Watched A.I. last night and have had this stuck in my head since. Affirmative.

Best 10+ song mashup I've ever heard. At 15 minutes long, it's been my cardio track for the past year.

Day 153/365: Spice Up Your Life, Spice Girls.
What's that? Did I just stumble upon old CD gold?? Why yes, yes I have. Shake it to the front!

21 down, 31 to go! 


Song about songs week continues, and other belated blog entries. 
Source: FFFound

Day 140/365: The Song is the Single, BARR
The song is the single and the single sucks, it never sounded good, it just sounded bad.

Day 141/365: Your Song, Elton John.
This song is entirely yours! Oh Elton John, and his rosy colored shades.

Day 142/365: Make Your Own Kind Of Music, The Mamas and the Papas.
Sing your own special song, because song week is over. Sing about it.

Day 143/365: 11th Dimension, Julian Casablancas.
My favorite number is 11, me and this song were fated from the start.

Day 144/365: Om Nashi Me, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetc Zeros.
Was amazing live @Osheaga. Talked to Alex Ebert after about his wicked quirky dancing.

Day 145/365: Walk In The Park, Beach House.
Chill and trippy @Osheaga. Drummer is handsome. Singer has giant hair, can't see her face though.

Day 146/365: Toxic, Ingrid Michaelson.
Her last piece @Osheaga, coupled with a hilarously chorographed dance. To think I love her more now!

20 down, 32 to go! 

P.S. I Made This!

I discovered the most amazing website this month: Erica Domesek sees it, likes it, and makes it! Her site and new book P.S. I Made This, show all of her do it yourself projects and helpful hints on how to make them yourself! I've made one of the projects already, and I love it! Here is a picture of my clothes pin tank and other DIY projects I've done over the last year.

Clothes pin tank. 

The following are of my own inspiration:

Hand knit neck warmer. 

Tie died bandeau 

Tie died thongs! Sexy hippy. 

Tricycle necklace, made from materials from Michaels! 

Clothes hanger jewelry rack. So simple, just wedge it between bookshelf shelves. 

Feather head band, amazing what a hot glue gun and ribbon will do. 

P.S.  I Make Stuff Too!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Another week, another week until another paycheck.  

Source: WeHeartIT

Day 133/365: The Way We Get By, Spoon
I got by with this song today. 

Day 134/365:Hang Me Up To Dry, Cold War Kids.
This song promotes eco-friendly clothes drying practices. Also, it's ridiculously good.

Day 135/365: Insistor, Tapes n' Tapes. Catchy and makes you remember www.! What could be better? Nothing.

STOP. I started songs about songs week, in the middle of the week. Because I don't know what day of the week it is. Thank you.

136/365: A Song About California, Hey Ocean. Alright, so this song is about California, but it's still a song about a song.

Day 137/365: Bird Song, Florence and The Machine. It's not only about a song, it's about a song bird, and singing! Beautiful.

Day 138/365: A Song For No One, Miike Snow. No one is so lucky, Mikke Snow sang about her! Won't even express my envy for all Silvias.

Day 139/365: Love Song, @SaraBareilles. A song about not wanting to sing a song. Double irony at it's finest.

20 down, 32 to go!