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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Season of Love is Upon us.

Source: WeHeartIt

Alright, so I may have missed last month's seasonal food post (hears conscience's tutting noises). But alas, tomorrow will usher in the Love month, and with that I will consider myself pardoned. Without further ado,  January's and February's seasonal foods:

January (also known as get me the hell out of this city it's a new decade, month)

 cabbages (I hate the smell of sour cabbage, so glad I'm not German)
 leeks (The most homely veggie of all)
 broccoli (All hale the mighty green tree, new commercials are par excellence)
 cauliflower (Dido above, but albino)

 oranges (It rhymes with door-hinge, I swear!)
 grapefruit (For people who like not eating anything for breakfast)
 tangerines (Hello more respectable version of an orange)
 tangelos (These sound like they'd seduce you with their Latin flare, and leave you on an exotic beach smelling of tequila and long-lost-love)
 lemons (What God gives, perfect for the previous description)
 papayas (# 11 at the Chili Club, Green Papaya Salad. Popular, I'm not a fan)


 broccoli (Very fitting that this corresponds with the love month, I LOVE BROCCOLI!)

 papayas (Taste like barf if you don't put lime juice on them. Then they taste like limey barf.

Eat seasonal, rhyme, and conquer the broccoli forest. 

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Don't Drop the Rocky Mountain Soap!

This week's (belated) eco-product-
 Rocky Mountain Soap Company's soaps and facial bars.

This wonderful facial cleaning bar is 100% natural, and locally made in Canmore.  It lasted me four months, because I cut it into 3 pieces and used one at a time. They have specialty bars for all skin types.

Use the soap instead of body wash, and read everything on the label! The website even features the natural ingredients included in each product; Spring Thaw includes: millet grain, sweet orange essential oil, cinnamon essential oil and ground powder, and coconut oil (Eco-product to be)! 

At only $4-5 dollars a pop, you definitely get your money's worth. Sold at the local farmers market, all over Banff, and online

Get squeaky clean naturally! 

Friday, January 29, 2010

Embroidery Pop-Culture Art

EEEK! This has to be one of my favorite blog of a blog finds! Here are my favorites:

Star Trek's Intergalactic Garden

Captain Gregory House - ARGGHH

The Price is KNIT!

Tim Gunn would make this work!

Originally Blogged by: Totally Severe

Don't just make art, make comedy. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pist Pump for Sarah Bareilles

I love my small but meaningful blog readership. What better way to show my appreciation than to present you with the most beautiful, heart-felt, tanned, and jacked song ever preformed.
Sarah Bareilles (my new all time favorite singer/human)- A Jersey Shore Christmas!

Caution: Extreme fist pumping may occur after viewing. Please speak to your mental health professional if the desire to punch a slut out, or heavily rely on tanning booths and steroids to maintain your self worth persists.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paper Petals

Beautiful reuse and reduce art project.

Source: FFFound
If anyone can find me the instructions on how to make these, that would be greatly appreciated.

Get inspired, get informed.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lush Massage Bars

This week's eco-product!

The chocolate and honey massage bar, my personal favorite. I have three.

I am addicted to the smell of this adorable product. I use it instead of body lotion , a) because it is very moisture rich, b) it makes me smell deliciously lovable. I find these massage bars are really great for dry hands, freshly shaved legs, and boyfriend's sore backs. They're about 7-10 dollars each, and if you buy two you get a free tin to keep them in. Best of all, they're all made in Canada by real people, (whom you can  see the faces of on most lush products), and from all natural ingredients. So what are you waiting for, get to the nearest Lush, sniff one out (literally), and try and avoid all of the overly friendly sales people (the only thing I don't like about Lush).

Rub someone down today, help the cause.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Best Apple advertising idea ever:

Catch phrase: On the search for (better) life forms.

Life Regret

Not forcing my parents to let me take ballet. I have close friends who are beautiful dancers, and I can't help but feel yearningly jealous. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish I could do the splits and express my emotions with my body, and not just my face. I love the premise of a gleeful leap, a success pirouette , and a crushing contemporary breakdown.

Graceful warfare.

The song The Dance by Charlotte Martin , always helps me in times of dance inadequacy. Also, the marching beginning of that power tune is perfect for the image above. Unfortunately I cannot find it on any of my inter-web music sources, so you'll just have to do the ethical thing and look it up on iTunes (I know, I'm devastated too)... or if you're lucky hope I make you a mixed CD.

I still have the well practiced skill of drinking behind me, at which point I am master of dance.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blog entry, about a blog entry, about a blog entry

The title says it all, whilst reading the latest Blisslist post I linked to Desire to Inspire and this wonderful craft and art idea. The premise is using clipboards to present art/pictures/prints etcetera. For the past couple years I have been using a twine rope and mini clothes pins for this purpose, but an empty wall space above my head would be a perfect clipboard display.

My favorite of the displays.

This is blisslist's & my runner up favorite. Aside: I wish I knew where to get this clipboard.

Blog, it's inspiring, pass it on.

Local Beer

Belated eco-product of last week!

The beer out here!

Whenever I am on vacation I always make a point of only drinking the local beer there. Last week was devote to Corona and Sol. Now I'm back to ice-cold climate and brewskies Canadian, Big Rock, and Kokanee. Drinking local beer is the simple eco-friendly choice:

  1. Less fuel consumption for product transportation
  2. Local ingredients and materials 
  3. Support of local businesses
  4. Immersion in local culture, and intoxication
  5. Bragging to all of your friends about your foreign beverage preferences

Be(er) good to the environment.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Turtle Cleavage

Today, was the first (very jet-lagged, but tan) day of second semester. One of my favorite things to do around campus is people watch, or more precisely outfit ogle. On this the 11th of January, as my first post of the new year I bring you today's sighting:

A white turtleneck, with a tear drop cleavage cut out. This is the worst thing to happen since dickies were invented.

Exhibit A-a black manufactured(of all atrocities) dickie:

Exhibit B-the closest rendition I could find of the abomination on google images (the real one had long sleeves, and a much more gaping hole):

Bless the very tanned big chested girl walking through Earth Sciences, for combining Pamela Anderson with Diane Keaton. Such a feat that hadn't even entered a human being's curiosity in the history of civilization.

Never again will that girl be mistaken for a librarian.