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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Turtle Cleavage

Today, was the first (very jet-lagged, but tan) day of second semester. One of my favorite things to do around campus is people watch, or more precisely outfit ogle. On this the 11th of January, as my first post of the new year I bring you today's sighting:

A white turtleneck, with a tear drop cleavage cut out. This is the worst thing to happen since dickies were invented.

Exhibit A-a black manufactured(of all atrocities) dickie:

Exhibit B-the closest rendition I could find of the abomination on google images (the real one had long sleeves, and a much more gaping hole):

Bless the very tanned big chested girl walking through Earth Sciences, for combining Pamela Anderson with Diane Keaton. Such a feat that hadn't even entered a human being's curiosity in the history of civilization.

Never again will that girl be mistaken for a librarian.

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