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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Season of Love is Upon us.

Source: WeHeartIt

Alright, so I may have missed last month's seasonal food post (hears conscience's tutting noises). But alas, tomorrow will usher in the Love month, and with that I will consider myself pardoned. Without further ado,  January's and February's seasonal foods:

January (also known as get me the hell out of this city it's a new decade, month)

 cabbages (I hate the smell of sour cabbage, so glad I'm not German)
 leeks (The most homely veggie of all)
 broccoli (All hale the mighty green tree, new commercials are par excellence)
 cauliflower (Dido above, but albino)

 oranges (It rhymes with door-hinge, I swear!)
 grapefruit (For people who like not eating anything for breakfast)
 tangerines (Hello more respectable version of an orange)
 tangelos (These sound like they'd seduce you with their Latin flare, and leave you on an exotic beach smelling of tequila and long-lost-love)
 lemons (What God gives, perfect for the previous description)
 papayas (# 11 at the Chili Club, Green Papaya Salad. Popular, I'm not a fan)


 broccoli (Very fitting that this corresponds with the love month, I LOVE BROCCOLI!)

 papayas (Taste like barf if you don't put lime juice on them. Then they taste like limey barf.

Eat seasonal, rhyme, and conquer the broccoli forest. 

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