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This is my brain:

Thursday, April 28, 2011


This week of music can be best be described as Trippy. Also, I actually decided what my favorite King of Limbs song was. 
Source: WeHeartIt
344/365: Angel Dance, Robert Plant.
I'm in a sudo-religious song kind of mood.

345/365: Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains), Arcade Fire.

346/365: Dragostea Din Tei, Ozone.
Numa Numa's Mother. Viralicious, also I'm European it's in my blood to love this song.

347/365: Metronomy, The Look.
Now you're giving me the look, look.

348/365: Mouth Full of Diamonds, Phantogram.
1st thought? Sierra Leone diamond diggers anthem. #DontBuyBloodDiamonds.

349/365: White Moon, Beach House.
"Do you want me to want you..."

350/365: Little By Litte, Radiohead.
Little by little by hook or by crook. I’m such a tease. And you’re such a flirt.

50 down, 2 to go.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Time stamp: This musical play list is from the newspaper release of King of Limbs. Also, I had a damn serious sinus infection - which is equivalent to feeling like your brain is going to explode out of the exact center of your forehead.

 Sourece: WeHeartIt

337/365: Icarus, White Hinterland.
Owl inspired music. As my Boyfriend's mom says whilst handing me misc. owl encrusted presents: "Owls are very in now you know."

338/365: Space Cowboy, Thunderheist.
To be confused with N'sync's song of the same name.

339/365: Little Bitty Pretty One, Thurston Harris.
Feel good music perfected.

340/365: Morning Mr. Magpie, Radiohead.
Unable to choose a favorite song from #KingOfLimbs. This will do for now.

341/365: Happiness, Goldfrapp.
"How'd you get to find love - real love, love, love, love" Boyfriend brought me coconut and won ton soup today. Now that's real love, love, love, love.

342/365: East Side, Smoother.
Convinced 90s pop artists were given a license to 'creep'.

343/365: Dear God, The Roots.
Surprisingly different from their other work. Always a sucker for a good Holiness dialogue tune.

49 down, 4 to go! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A playlist for St. Valentine. 

Source: WeHeartIt

330/365: Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Solomon Burke.
And I need you.

331/365: Helena Beat, Foster The People.
These kids have more than just some pumped up kicks!

332/365: I and Love and You, Avett Brothers.
Three words much easier to say this week. Also, banjos.

333/365: Baby I'm Yours, Breakbot.
At the cusp of incredibly catchy verging on being cheesy. So, in other words, perfect.

334/365: Rill Rill, Sleigh Bells.
Impossible not to have 16, 16, 6 stuck in your head forever. Makes me want to do calculus.

335/365: Drowning Men, Fanfarlo.
"Someone pacing around and round on the floor above, oh we can still afford to not make sense at all."

336/365: Must Have Fallen From The Sky, Glen Gratsfield.
The film Once (featuring this song's creation) is the essence of Ireland's aesthetic appeal.

48 down, 5 to go!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Sentiments Exactly

Sources: WeHeartIt

I may find Jesus if this snow ever stops falling. 


This week of music is a time reference. These tunes were chosen in and around The Grammys.  Don't worry, I will eventually finish reading The Procrastination Equation and then finish blogging this musical year project. 

Source: NewYorkTimes

323/365: Same, Snow Patrol.
An ode to my routine.

324/365: 10 Mile Stereo, Beach House.
Ideal Saturday night reading music. Finally starting to hear it as a woman singing.

325/365: Chinese Translation, M.ward.
Wise, this song is. Approve Yoda would.

326/365: Intil Paisagem, Esperanza Spalding.
Amazing, still think it should have been Florence. #Grammys

327/365: The Clap, Infant Sorrow.
You've got the clap, we've got the clap.

328/365: The Cave, Mumford and Sons.
The Grammys really inspired me to remember my previously unmentioned song likes.

329/365: Month of May, Arcade Fire.
Summer song, except it still snows here in May. Oh well.

46 Down, 6 to go!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Real American Psycho

Above: Scott Dissack (Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy) instantly reminded me of American Psycho (below) not only in dauntingly similar appearance, but also in his obsessive fashion standards and unhidden anger management problems. Sure he may not be a murdering psychopath, but watching him on TV is like dying a thousand torturous deaths. 

"I like to dissect girls. Did you know I'm utterly insane?"