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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Time stamp: This musical play list is from the newspaper release of King of Limbs. Also, I had a damn serious sinus infection - which is equivalent to feeling like your brain is going to explode out of the exact center of your forehead.

 Sourece: WeHeartIt

337/365: Icarus, White Hinterland.
Owl inspired music. As my Boyfriend's mom says whilst handing me misc. owl encrusted presents: "Owls are very in now you know."

338/365: Space Cowboy, Thunderheist.
To be confused with N'sync's song of the same name.

339/365: Little Bitty Pretty One, Thurston Harris.
Feel good music perfected.

340/365: Morning Mr. Magpie, Radiohead.
Unable to choose a favorite song from #KingOfLimbs. This will do for now.

341/365: Happiness, Goldfrapp.
"How'd you get to find love - real love, love, love, love" Boyfriend brought me coconut and won ton soup today. Now that's real love, love, love, love.

342/365: East Side, Smoother.
Convinced 90s pop artists were given a license to 'creep'.

343/365: Dear God, The Roots.
Surprisingly different from their other work. Always a sucker for a good Holiness dialogue tune.

49 down, 4 to go! 

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