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Saturday, April 16, 2011


This week of music is a time reference. These tunes were chosen in and around The Grammys.  Don't worry, I will eventually finish reading The Procrastination Equation and then finish blogging this musical year project. 

Source: NewYorkTimes

323/365: Same, Snow Patrol.
An ode to my routine.

324/365: 10 Mile Stereo, Beach House.
Ideal Saturday night reading music. Finally starting to hear it as a woman singing.

325/365: Chinese Translation, M.ward.
Wise, this song is. Approve Yoda would.

326/365: Intil Paisagem, Esperanza Spalding.
Amazing, still think it should have been Florence. #Grammys

327/365: The Clap, Infant Sorrow.
You've got the clap, we've got the clap.

328/365: The Cave, Mumford and Sons.
The Grammys really inspired me to remember my previously unmentioned song likes.

329/365: Month of May, Arcade Fire.
Summer song, except it still snows here in May. Oh well.

46 Down, 6 to go!

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