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This is my brain:

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Say Awwwwee

Hungry Hungry Hippo! 
Sad hacker kitty in the shredder.
I would rather have this than a laundry basket full of designer clothes.
Baby dolphin with a puppy, a cute overdose. 
Straight out of a Disney movie, minus the animation and talking. 
Two famous cuties- Beethoven and Bambi
My own baby blue when she was a wee one 

Pictures courtesy of 

 Oxytocin, its so cutesy whosy woo! 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Here lies:
 my 4th week of 365 days of music
A week ago it didn't exist
(Pretend musical eulogy, out. Re-access mental state later. )
Photo by: Ingrid Andrea 

Day 22/365: She Wants to Move, N.E.R.D
Hadn't moved for 24 hours due to a stomach flu. This was a natural cure, a literal translation of my desires as well. 

Day 23/365: Move, CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy)
Was considering a theme week when this became my second choice, but alas it is just another coveted dance track. 

Day 24/365: That One Night, The Hunted (Hunter, Jan's old assistant)
You can thank me in about 2 seconds when you press play. I am debating having "The Dinner Party" be my favorite all time Office episode.  With my fair knowledge in the subtly of body language, Jan totally did him, and this is the song for scale.

Day 25/365: Horchata, Vampire Weekend
Don't know what intrigues me more, knowing all of the instruments Vampire Weekend utilizes on a daily basis, or what Horchata tastes like.  This was the night I saw an Iron Chef make some from black rice, yum. 

Day 26/365: Rocket Girl, Doc Walker
One of the only country songs I really love. This is probably one of the most personally meaningful songs I'll ever mention, just pulls on my heart strings/grounded wings.  (Sorry about the Horse story in the video, best audio quality)

Day 27/365: Coffee Girl, The Tragically Hip
Fittingly, I redeemed this song from one of Starbuck's pick of the weeks and it reminds me of my Venti drinking friend. You know the one that knows I am directing this at her. 

Day 28/365: See You Again, Miley Cyrus
The eternal guilty pleasure song, just don't watch the movie. 

Day 29/365: Home, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros
Hands down one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. Bet you $5 you'll be singing "I do love my ma and pa" by the second listen. 

Remember to visit to convert these to MP3s.

4 down, 48 to go! 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

8000 words

Time for another installation of my life in iPhone pictures.

Best greeting card I've ever seen. Possible iseeesa recruitment device?

Yes, that's right, this is not a computer generated image, this is not an optical illusion, this is ORGANIC pancake in a can!

50-Cent is apparently an accountant's ideal personality symbol??? Gotta love copywriters who took general business courses.  

One: Bella the "Passive" figure. Two: She could be mistaken as a "16 and pregnant" doll. 

My three incredibly sustainable aluminum water bottles... anyone need one.. or two? 

Making more people choose the stairs, one masking tape spider at a time - The UofC ultra nerds. 

I actually thought that my boyfriend posed for this video cover. Best picture/realization of the year. 

 Here's an ideological anomaly for you to consider whilst walking through campus. 

Take a picture, you'll eventually think of a witty comment. 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Swish Swish Swish

Glee is back on April 13th, literally and emotionally. Here's how Sue C's It:

Swished up.

A Haiku, Theme: customer, This blog entry

So exotic
Modern Medusa 


Created by Ji Lee

This could technically be an eco-product. No more excessive printed cards, it's reusable, and you don't have to drive to the nearest card retailer during an event emergency;  although, perhaps it's just impersonal laziness. You decide. 

  Ex- Go to Hell! Check- Many Thanks!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bee-stung Lips

This week's eco-product:

This is probably the most well known eco-product thus far. A lot of people I know already have Burt's Bees products, with the most prevalent being the beeswax lip balm. I bought my first one in junior high and was addicted to the minty sting ever since. This was the first set of cosmetic products that I could actually read the entire label of! Mostly because Burt's first offers the english phrase followed by the latin and chemical translations in parentheses. What makes the products green? They're 100% natural, packaged in PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) and biodegradable containers, not to mention that the company's goal is to be the "greenest personal care company on earth." The company also provides a diversity of product lines from anti-aging products to baby care... but that's another blog post. You can purchase Burt's Bees products and signature lipgloss just about anywhere, e.g. Wal-Mart, Superstore, Shopper's Drug Mart, university pharmacies...etc. They're also fairly affordable, which overall calls for a big green thumb up! 

Sources: Burt's Bees website

Kiss me, you eco-fool! 

Monday, March 22, 2010


21/365 days of music:

15/365: Shooting Superstars, White Panda
Can someone please tell me what the background song is? Eminem's offensiveness is never unappreciated.

For some reason the next two show up on my iPhone twitter app, but not on the website??

16/365: Tic,Tic,Tac, Carrapicho
Great Portuguese pump up track, reminds me of many crazy Croatian nights. 

17/365: Rocky Road to Dublin, The Dubliners
Great craic for St. Patrick's day. This is my favorite un-singable Irish song, it references Tuam! 

18/365: You Don't Know Me, Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor
I really enjoy up-beat songs that are inherently passive aggressive. For LDN lovers.

19/365: World Hold On, Bob Sinclar
This song never quits, since 2006.  Friend: "I haven't heard this re-mix before" Sanja: "This is the original, sigh."

20/365: Possibility, Lykke Li
New Moon release day, this is my favorite song from the soundtrack. A beautifully sad song.

21/365: No Intention, Dirty Projectors
I really appreciate the voice being used as an instrument. 

3 down, 49 to go!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Campus Art

The environmental design wing on campus always seems to have cool geographic art features like these being erected. Makes me jealous about the totally normal angles in the business and psych buildings.

I imagine this is architecture's version of wall Ivy. 

These look like imaginary leaves on the un-lush trees of Calgary. 

This is an ode to the lifelessness outside, the blood red color is fitting. 

The stain glass window of environmental design.

Notice your surroundings and carry a camera phone. 

Attirely Amazing!

Source: Satorialist

The Satorialist has done it again. I just had a fashiogasm.

Needless to say my wardrobe and  creativity is inspired by this fashion blog. I am considering taking a camera around campus next week to take pictures of fashionable students around the university. If I do so next week or at any other time, I will be featuring a blog entry about it. Any additional suggestions on more blog post content? What are you craving blog readers? Let me know and maybe I can provide you with sustenance. 

Making drab fab, wear green fashionably this St. Patrick's Day. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Elephant Poo Paper

This week's Eco-Product:

"100% recycled and odorless products!" 

The Poo Poo Paper company makes recycled paper products, notebooks, cards, ornaments, and more from elephant, cow, horse, and panda poop! I've come across them in a lot of specialty shops like Reid's and The Eco-Store, but you can also buy them online at the website above. They're a little more on the expensive side, but I think that may be a reflection of the effort needed to make paper out of poop. I really appreciate inherent humor and environmental benefits in these products. Not to mention, there is some serious merit in making something beautiful and useful from something so disgusting. I think these would make great gifts and they even have a line of greeting cards to make it a real poopy affair. Zoologists, farmers, veterinarians, and the like would go crazy for this shit! Brilliant swag idea, perhaps.

Eco-products, this Shit's AWESOME! 

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Days 8-14 of 365 days of music. Please pardon my inability to correctly number dates on my twitter feed of these; it's hard when your only point of reference is the number of classes left until summer. 

Day 8/365: Pumped Up Kicks, Foster the People
Music bloggers' favorite of the month, making all other music listeners feel inadequate since before the release date. 

Day 9/365: Rude Boy, Rihanna
Everyone's favorite of the month. Gotta love over-sexualized top 40 hits, plus the video is superb. 

Day 10/365: We No Speak Americano, Yolanda be Cool & DCUP
Do not listen to this song if you need to do anything else other than dance. Takes a while to start, but once it does, you're trapped in a booty shaking frenzy. 

Day 11/365: Me Gustas Tu, Manu Chao
My ode to Spain and my crazy cousin who took me driving (passenger never driver) on a racetrack a couple hours after I had landed. Also, really appreciated the older hispanic gentlemen that spanish flirt tweeted me after this post, oh the Internet. 


Day 12/365: Rich Girls, The Virgins
My top played song this time last year. It randomly shuffled over on Friday and apparently the same happened to my boyfriend within 10 minutes. The iTunes algorithm wants us to have funny musical coincidences, I swear. 

Day 13/365: Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk, Rufus Wainwright
This song is Saturday morning at the Mutch's, perfectly contemplative and calming. Just wish Hayley's sister wasn't so much cooler than we were at 16, sigh. 

Day 14/365: Diri, Diri So Kerdjan, Romanyi Rota
The ambiance music playing during our dysfunctional Sunday evening dinner. Gotta love the gypsies they know how to get out while you're still sane. 

2 down, 50 to go! 

Monday, March 8, 2010


Here are the very first 7/365 songs starting three hundred and sixty-five days of music. Yeah, I spelled it out for effect.

Day 1/365: Make your Own Kind of Music, The Mamas and the Papas
This song is perfect for this endeavor. Listen to the first couple of lines and know I'm not trying to smugly force my music tastes on you :). Also, one of first songs that brought Sam and I together <3.

Day 2/365: Homecoming, The Teenagers
Possibly one of the most hilarious songs I've ever heard. "I fucked my American cousin" "I loved my English (he's french) romance."

Day 3/365: Stars in There Eyes, Just Jack
Put your hands down Will and Grace fans, I know I'm tempted too. This song reminds me of driving (always the passenger) 100 miles an hour on a two lane Irish highway.

Day 4/365: Hearing Damage, Thom Yorke
My exact phrasing was: Radiohead + New Moon = Adoration. Plus, great for cardio workouts.

Day 5/365: Life is Wonderful, Jason Mraz
My #1 most played on iTunes... I take a lot of mental health breaks.

Day 6/365: Should Have Taken Acid With You, Neon Indian
I imagine this as a powerful hippy love ballad.

Day 7/365: Memories, David Guetta and Kid Cudi
For the stupid shit I did Saturday night, and to not remembering any of it... other than falling down some stairs.

Go to to convert these YouTube videos to MP3 files. Yeah, that's right, I just gave you that power. 

1 down, 51 to go. 

The Water Bobble

This week's belated eco-product, the self-filtering water bobble!

Designed by: Karim Rashid, Produced by: Move Collective LLC

Just came across these reusable tap water filtering water bottles. I think reusable water bottles are a great way to cut down on waste and enjoy a bountiful resource that is supplied to us via modern plumbing, not Aquafina. I currently have three stainless steal water-bottles, two of which were swag gifts, no I am not trying to be ironically wasteful. I usually fill them with Brita filtered water, so I will probably not purchase this particular eco-product. However, it does appear very useful, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable. The filters last up to 150 liters of filtration until they need to be replaced. You can buy them online for $23.10. Find out more here.


Enjoy the Earth's resources without damaging the Earth. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Antique Aspirations

Antique inspiration rooms. This is how I plan on decorating once I have autonomy.

Was pavlov around, or am I drooling? 

2 pears. 

This picture is self describing. 

Sanja in wonderland. 

Chez lounges and impressionist paintings. 

Because I kill real plants.

Simple, classic, perfect for pooping.


Sit down, and shut up.

This is eerily like the mirror in the hall in Palaca Anerni.

Someone went inside my head and produced this. 

Sources: FFFound

Make a new place your own, with old stuff. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The most Adorable Meal of the Day

I absolutely adore breakfast food! Here are some images to get that oxytocin flowing. Also, hollandaise sauce.

 Some people think this is creepy, but I find it adorable.

Tasty toast, and donuts. 

I wish I could eat this for breakfast. Pink marshmallows, totally unnatural/awesome.

I seriously want some eggs benedict right now. 

When the Seasons Come March-ing In!

It was sunny today, therefore something must be growing bountifully. Here is the specific list of March's seasonal foods:


asparagus (Delicious dueling spears)| broccoli (Need I say more) | broccolini (This shit is always in season)| brussels sprouts (These sound like some kind of boy scout group) |butternut squash (And Jelly) | celery root (Because the celery stem is not ready yet) | fennel (Funnel?)| kale (Isn't this what a lot of surfers are called) | leeks (Ehwh) | mache (d) | potatoes | rutabaga (a winhago!) | salsify (to satisfy!) |sunchoke (Sounds like Vador on the giant star) | turnips ( What my chemistry teacher used to call all of us, when we couldn't settle down?)

blood oranges (Dexter would approve) | grapefruit (Like swallowing flavored air) | kiwi fruit  | oranges (They discovered them before carrots obviously) | ugli fruit (You ain't got no alibi)

clams (Not to be mixed with tomato juice, UCK) | crab (My favorite shellfish) | mussels (HGH, POWER BARS, PROTEIN!) | oysters (The Alice in Wonderland story still makes me sad, poor oysters) | scallops
Get more info on

Poor little innocent oysters

Seasonal food a day, keeps global warming away (well not exactly that effective, but you get it).