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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bee-stung Lips

This week's eco-product:

This is probably the most well known eco-product thus far. A lot of people I know already have Burt's Bees products, with the most prevalent being the beeswax lip balm. I bought my first one in junior high and was addicted to the minty sting ever since. This was the first set of cosmetic products that I could actually read the entire label of! Mostly because Burt's first offers the english phrase followed by the latin and chemical translations in parentheses. What makes the products green? They're 100% natural, packaged in PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) and biodegradable containers, not to mention that the company's goal is to be the "greenest personal care company on earth." The company also provides a diversity of product lines from anti-aging products to baby care... but that's another blog post. You can purchase Burt's Bees products and signature lipgloss just about anywhere, e.g. Wal-Mart, Superstore, Shopper's Drug Mart, university pharmacies...etc. They're also fairly affordable, which overall calls for a big green thumb up! 

Sources: Burt's Bees website

Kiss me, you eco-fool! 

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