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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Days 8-14 of 365 days of music. Please pardon my inability to correctly number dates on my twitter feed of these; it's hard when your only point of reference is the number of classes left until summer. 

Day 8/365: Pumped Up Kicks, Foster the People
Music bloggers' favorite of the month, making all other music listeners feel inadequate since before the release date. 

Day 9/365: Rude Boy, Rihanna
Everyone's favorite of the month. Gotta love over-sexualized top 40 hits, plus the video is superb. 

Day 10/365: We No Speak Americano, Yolanda be Cool & DCUP
Do not listen to this song if you need to do anything else other than dance. Takes a while to start, but once it does, you're trapped in a booty shaking frenzy. 

Day 11/365: Me Gustas Tu, Manu Chao
My ode to Spain and my crazy cousin who took me driving (passenger never driver) on a racetrack a couple hours after I had landed. Also, really appreciated the older hispanic gentlemen that spanish flirt tweeted me after this post, oh the Internet. 


Day 12/365: Rich Girls, The Virgins
My top played song this time last year. It randomly shuffled over on Friday and apparently the same happened to my boyfriend within 10 minutes. The iTunes algorithm wants us to have funny musical coincidences, I swear. 

Day 13/365: Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk, Rufus Wainwright
This song is Saturday morning at the Mutch's, perfectly contemplative and calming. Just wish Hayley's sister wasn't so much cooler than we were at 16, sigh. 

Day 14/365: Diri, Diri So Kerdjan, Romanyi Rota
The ambiance music playing during our dysfunctional Sunday evening dinner. Gotta love the gypsies they know how to get out while you're still sane. 

2 down, 50 to go! 

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