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Monday, March 8, 2010


Here are the very first 7/365 songs starting three hundred and sixty-five days of music. Yeah, I spelled it out for effect.

Day 1/365: Make your Own Kind of Music, The Mamas and the Papas
This song is perfect for this endeavor. Listen to the first couple of lines and know I'm not trying to smugly force my music tastes on you :). Also, one of first songs that brought Sam and I together <3.

Day 2/365: Homecoming, The Teenagers
Possibly one of the most hilarious songs I've ever heard. "I fucked my American cousin" "I loved my English (he's french) romance."

Day 3/365: Stars in There Eyes, Just Jack
Put your hands down Will and Grace fans, I know I'm tempted too. This song reminds me of driving (always the passenger) 100 miles an hour on a two lane Irish highway.

Day 4/365: Hearing Damage, Thom Yorke
My exact phrasing was: Radiohead + New Moon = Adoration. Plus, great for cardio workouts.

Day 5/365: Life is Wonderful, Jason Mraz
My #1 most played on iTunes... I take a lot of mental health breaks.

Day 6/365: Should Have Taken Acid With You, Neon Indian
I imagine this as a powerful hippy love ballad.

Day 7/365: Memories, David Guetta and Kid Cudi
For the stupid shit I did Saturday night, and to not remembering any of it... other than falling down some stairs.

Go to to convert these YouTube videos to MP3 files. Yeah, that's right, I just gave you that power. 

1 down, 51 to go. 

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