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Saturday, March 27, 2010

8000 words

Time for another installation of my life in iPhone pictures.

Best greeting card I've ever seen. Possible iseeesa recruitment device?

Yes, that's right, this is not a computer generated image, this is not an optical illusion, this is ORGANIC pancake in a can!

50-Cent is apparently an accountant's ideal personality symbol??? Gotta love copywriters who took general business courses.  

One: Bella the "Passive" figure. Two: She could be mistaken as a "16 and pregnant" doll. 

My three incredibly sustainable aluminum water bottles... anyone need one.. or two? 

Making more people choose the stairs, one masking tape spider at a time - The UofC ultra nerds. 

I actually thought that my boyfriend posed for this video cover. Best picture/realization of the year. 

 Here's an ideological anomaly for you to consider whilst walking through campus. 

Take a picture, you'll eventually think of a witty comment. 

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