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Thursday, March 4, 2010

When the Seasons Come March-ing In!

It was sunny today, therefore something must be growing bountifully. Here is the specific list of March's seasonal foods:


asparagus (Delicious dueling spears)| broccoli (Need I say more) | broccolini (This shit is always in season)| brussels sprouts (These sound like some kind of boy scout group) |butternut squash (And Jelly) | celery root (Because the celery stem is not ready yet) | fennel (Funnel?)| kale (Isn't this what a lot of surfers are called) | leeks (Ehwh) | mache (d) | potatoes | rutabaga (a winhago!) | salsify (to satisfy!) |sunchoke (Sounds like Vador on the giant star) | turnips ( What my chemistry teacher used to call all of us, when we couldn't settle down?)

blood oranges (Dexter would approve) | grapefruit (Like swallowing flavored air) | kiwi fruit  | oranges (They discovered them before carrots obviously) | ugli fruit (You ain't got no alibi)

clams (Not to be mixed with tomato juice, UCK) | crab (My favorite shellfish) | mussels (HGH, POWER BARS, PROTEIN!) | oysters (The Alice in Wonderland story still makes me sad, poor oysters) | scallops
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Poor little innocent oysters

Seasonal food a day, keeps global warming away (well not exactly that effective, but you get it).

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