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Sunday, July 4, 2010


You know when you wait for a package to arrive in the mail, and it always takes longer to arrive than you expect? Well, this is kind of like that, except this package is a borderline random playlist of songs I listened to a few weeks ago.

Source: WeHeartIt

105/365: Stars Are Blind, Paris Hilton
Most gluttonous guilty pleasure song ever. Also, Paris Hilton is ridiculous and someone not in the news!

106/365: You're Addicted to Love, Florence and The Machine
New favorite band, I'm addicted to FTM.

107/365: California Gurls, Katy Perry
Hansel and Gretal on Hollywood.  I actually hate this song, how did it burrow itself so deeply into my brain?

108/365: Bella's Lullaby, Carter Burwell
Apart from adoring the Twilight Saga soundtracks, I really admire  instrumental pieces.

109/365: Time Won't Let Me Go, The Bravery
Literally felt like a slave to the 24 hour clock this week. I need to reduce my plate.

110/365: With You In My Head, UNKLE feat. The Black Angels
The first song I fell irrevocably in love with from the Eclipse Sountrack, note the word first. They're a phenomena of a mix tape.

111/365: I'm Gonna Getcha, Shania Twain
How did I ever forget about Shania. She's seriously the best, and gotcha stuck in my head. In addition, how badly do I want that bike?

16 down, 36 to go!!

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