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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Interior Inspiration

Imagine a full closet parallel to a table and chair completely drenched in half a meter of clothes. This has been the state of my bedroom for the past 2 months. It exhausts me to look at, and definitely doesn't make me feel fashionable. So here is what I imagine it looks like, just before I walk through the door. 

Forget chronological, color code your prose. 
I actually do color code my closet, when I have time to breathe that is. It makes finding favorites simple.

The lived in feeling I wish my room had. Teddy, home made quilt, sanded edges. 

Spiral staircases, because they're beautiful and make you a little dizzy.

For all the pre-revolutionary French dinner parties I have in my room. Macaroons will be involved. 

Antlers I love; chemically maintained animal carcasses not so much. 

Hat boxes and changing screens, to through decadent prints and silk over.

Then I'll make my last name : yourhighness

Cracked ceilings are so incredibly heart warming to me; I would actually wall paper a ceiling to make it look like this. Also, busts are a must. 

This is just eerily accurate. Someone must have performed extraction and constructed this room from my deepest aesthetic pleasures. Spot the pears. 

Children, use your inside style choices please. 

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  1. Stumbled across your blog and I think it's fabulous! Keep up the good work :)