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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Musical's week for 365 days of music! 

Source: WeHeartIt

Day 77/365: Cell Block Tango, Chicago
Pop, Six, Squish, Uh-uh, Cicero, Lipschitz. It was a musical but not a crime! 

Day 78/365: Damn It Janet, Rocky Horror Picture Show
Hey Slut, yes asshole? I've got something to say (I'm gay), I really love the skillful way you GIVE HEAD!! Shout back lines are essential for this movie cult classic. 

Day 79/365: Honey Honey, Mamma Mia
How this song thrills me, Ah Uh, Honey Honey nearly kills me. 

Day 80/365: Grease Theme, Grease
It's the word you know, and not just a movie we all love and paralleled our lives to in junior high. 

Day 81/365: Vogue, Glee
The best ever Glee cover, ever, including Poker Face. Sue Sylvester will never be c-een in the same way. 

Sorry friends YouTube wouldn't let me upload the original video, click here to watch it in its lacey glory.

Day 82/365: Under The Sea, The Little Mermaid
Everything's better down where it's wetter! My favorite childhood movie of all time, yay for fighting social norms. 

Day 83/365: Complainte De La Butte, Rufus Wainwright/Moulin Rouge
Ideal for the film, french and romantic. <3 

12 down, 40 to go! 

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