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Monday, May 10, 2010

May(be) You Should Eat This

It's May, and although spring weather has yet to set in, shits still growing! Here's what's in season: 

Artichokes - Good for the heart. Asparagus - Make your pee smell funny. Avocado - Cinco De Mayo is in May, guacamole should be at its freshest. Broccoli - the super food. Corn - Because everything is made from it. Cucumber - Early pickles. Fava Beans - The more you eat the more you toot. Peas - The original ipod. Radishes - I always thought this word sounded like an expression, like blushing or ravishing. Rhubarb - Yummier celery. Spinach - Popeye! Zucchini - Better version of cucumbers! 

Apricots - My favorite flavor of jam. Grapefruit - When you want to eat nothing. Kiwi Fruit - Ross from Friends is allergic to this. Lemons - Life is officially giving them to you! Limes - Time for Mojitios and Margaritas! Pineapple - How exotic. Strawberries - Finally no more genetically modified gigantic berries. 

Crab - Crawling out of the ocean and into my mouth. Mackerel - The first person to explain what the hell this is to me (too lazy to google) will receive a lollipop (always in season) of their choice. 

Sources: WeHeartit

Eat in season, your taste buds May oblige. 

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