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Thursday, May 13, 2010


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This summer I have promised myself that I will learn these essential skills (Because boyfriends only want girlfriends who have... no just kidding I won't take it to Napoleon Dynamite levels) :
  1. How to Cook
  2. How to Drive
  3. How to use Adobe Work Suite
  4. How to go a year without a 2 month vacation
Thus far I've mostly worked on  number one,  how to cook. So here are two recipes I successfully completed and devoured last week (I love you Food Network):

Crepes with Caramelized Apples 

These were actually surprisingly easy. Perhaps just because I've watched my mother make crepes my entire life. My suggestion: water down the batter quite a bit and use a teflon pan

Coconut Cupcakes
These were for my dad's birthday as his (it's heritable) favorite flavor is also coconut. 
I recommend using more icing sugar than stated in the recipe and a little bit less lemon juice and more vanilla. 

As for everything else, I think driving school and a course in Adobe will help me out... number four is the biggest issue. If my blog entries seem to abruptly stop mid July, consider myself in Europe. 

Skills, get some! *Hip Thrust*

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