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Friday, May 28, 2010

Vegan Floss

Because not flossing means that you're missing 40% of your tooth surface (Yikes); This week's eco-product is vegan dental floss! 

Alright, this eco-product may seem insignificant but really, people should be flossing all the time (myself included). This vegan floss by Eco-Dent comes in a biodegradable recycled/recyclable package and is  100% vegan waxed with all natural essential oils and enzymes for a minty flavor. The box is even printed with soy ink. They thought of everything, just like we all should with our teeth surfaces. I bought my 37m box at the local Eco-Store, but it can also be purchased at any Organic foods market.

My dog even approves of all natural floss. 

Get rid of the crap in between, keep the Earth nice and clean! 

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