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Friday, April 9, 2010


Amortenia: the most powerful love potion in the world according to the Harry Potter Wiki (I feel no shame). The dominant characteristic of this potion is that it has a different scent for everyone who smells it, rendering them to sniff what they find most attractive. In Half Blood Prince, Hermione experiences this  combination of olfactory signals: fresh cut grass, new parchment, toothpaste, and Ron Weasley's hair (naughty, naughty).

So here is what I imagine Amortenia would smell like for me:
  • Suntan oil - Sweaters be gone when this be on, this is the smell of optimism
Source: Weheartit
  • My dog - the scent of unconditional love
  • Lipstick - The more expensive the more my nose agrees
  • Brisk freshness after the rain - providing it doesn't begin to hail afterwards... I hate Calgary. 
  • European Bakeries - the smell of freshly made croissant is enough for me to give my heart away.

Source: weheartit
  • Starbucks - In Ireland, I was willing to drive to Dublin just to get this scentual fix.
  • Fresh pen on paper - After lectures I'm  the person sniffing my note-book in a euphoric frenzy. 

  • Gasoline -  octane for my olfactory sensors, it's really good I don't drive I'd spend too much time there. 
  • Coconut - my favorite smell, flavor, and ingredient (Rice, Curry, Soup, Rolls, Ice Cream, Drink) 

  • Turquoise Mr. Sketch Marker - the scent of my youth, I probably was classically conditioned to love this color from this scent. The fact that it's supposed to smell like mangos may also be cause for my neuroticism. 
  • New Plastic Bags - This makes the environmentalist in me very sad, but give me a ream of Safeway bags and I'm in Neurotoxin heaven. 

View from my Coca Cola 2009
  • Coca Cola from the glass bottle - The scent of this worldwide brand poured over ice is bliss. 
  • Sam - Awe, the most powerful aspect of a strong love potion. Floating cheese ensues. 

Nose in Nose, Eyes and Toes. 

Your nose, knows. 

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