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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Everyday is Earth Day for Me!

Most versatile, thus environmentally friendly eco-product to date:

You can buy jars of this green gold at any health food store or farmer's market! Basically, coconut oil is an all purpose natural and organic ingredient that is next to magical in its application. 
I use it for:
  • Smoothies (look up health benefits here)
  • Body lotion (especially great for moisturizing after shaving)
  • Deodorant (mixed with baking soda it works great, its effects vary for different people) 
  • Foot cream (no more rough heels)
  • Shoe polish (Make your shoes clean and cocolicious)
According to Green As A Thistle, you can even use it as lube! Pretty amazing, why haven't you bought some yet? Important fact, this stuff melts at about 25 degrees Celsius, so don't freak if it's suddenly liquid just put it in the fridge. 

Image source: GOOGLE!
This is the brand I used to have, I don't notice much of a difference between  brands except for the price. 

Spend some dimes on the coco you nut! 

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