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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Matt by Matt & Nat

Eco-Product of the week:
Vegan leather wallets/hangbags

This is a screen shot of my beautiful new vegan leather, locally made and designed Matt by Matt and Nat wallet. It also features lining made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and antique brass hardware. I nearly had an ecogasm when I saw that this purse not only fit all of my misc. cards, could be carried easily to the bar with a wristlet strap, but that it was also completely sustainable, GUSH! I purchased this last week for $65 CDN and it is the third Matt and Nat wallet I've owned, (you could say I'm brand loyal) each has lasted about 3-4 years; so these products are additionally durable as a well as cruelty free, local, and recycled!   
This is probably my favorite eco-product thus far, mainly because items made from several different materials (metal, plastic, textile, etc) are so rarely holistically sustainable.  Doing marketing for Matt and Nat would be a dream come true, but more on my vague career aspirations later. I also feel like this product is the most metaphorical, yes that's right I said metaphorical. An eco-wallet is a moral check on purchases made from it; every eco-product you buy will utilize another eco-product in the process. 

One of my favorite features: the change purse can clip out and be carried separately. <3

Tred lightly on your bank account

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