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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Adorable Selves

It's time to get in touch with our more adorable and artsy selves. Artist Nan Lawson is just the person to help. Her Esty page features adorable already made prints for purchase, as well as customized couple and individual portraits for order. My sister (the esty-aholic) had the following one made of her boyfriend, herself,  his dog (white caesar), and our dog (golden retriever). 

My sister's personalized portrait from Nan Lawson via Flickr. 

What I love most about this adorable personalized print is that Nan uses actual photographs to create it, and asks for specialized features to make it even more custom. For instance, the above print feature's a Harvard H on my sister's Boyfriend's sweater, her holding a Pear (read About Me box for explanation),  and her wearing a favorite coral necklace she bought in Croatia. I am planning on getting one of myself made featuring Three Pears for this blog. I hope to have that posted within the next couple months, as it takes Nan 3-4 weeks to get the print finished. As someone from a commercial for a movie I can't currently remember the name of once said: It takes a human being to really capture the essence of another human being. 
Art imitates you! 

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  1. AMAZING!!! I'll share the link with Nan as well. She'll be thrilled. I hope everyone gets a customized portrait. She was a doll to work with and absolutely love how it turned out :)
    PS: I am a total and complete etsy-aholic