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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Puppy Love

For being there to cuddle me every time I wake up from a nightmare, I must devote this entry as an ode to my dog.

 She's a geologist, and always finds rocks at the park. There is currently one in my mother's bed, that she brought home.

  This is a very film noir picture I took a few years ago. I love it that she smiles at me, and every time I ask for a kiss she obliges.

I am positive that nobody will ever have that amount of jovial excitement when I walk through a door. Unconditional love isn't just possible, it's made simple, laughable by this small golden creature.

She prefers a pillow and blanket in the winter. We call her our little hairy human.

" I VANT TO SUCK YOUR... BACON!" She's a natural comedian.
I love my 5 year old puppy, yet probably not as much as she loves us.

Mika, Mimsy, Uyer, Loo, Loolee,Mi, Lover.

Praise the Neanderthal that thought the domestication of dogs was the best idea in the world.

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