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Saturday, October 24, 2009

12000 words

Best iPhone pictures of the year:

My first Flames Game, and probably this mini Flames fan's too.

1:30 am, gingerbread cookie decorations get x-rated.

A dish I titled: yellowed chicken with head on the side, during our work Christmas party at a dim sum place. I didn't eat any, the head did end up in my wine however. Making chicken heads talk doesn't lead to good places people!

Brett doesn't want to lose anymore bets. I love how he seems to have a bunny belly.

That black area that seems to have no end, that's a single open pit oil sands site. Just one. I shed a tear.

Exact sequence of events: Take a bite out of my apple, set the apple down to finish after my shower, look down, giggle hilariously, and then take this picture.

A special offer at the Amsterdam airport for clog slippers! Looking like an idiot tourist was never more affordable!

Penis cactus, on my aunt's balcony in Rome. Now there's a prick you wouldn't want to screw with.

First day on Korcula, everlasting view from the front door.

First sight after getting off the c-train in Kensington. Mobile Garden :)

Don't be fooled, this picture was taken inside of a very large retail store. Gotta love Southern Alberta.

The funniest food stand downtown other than the hot wiener stand.

Capture life's moments, that's what you have a camera phone for.

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