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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Amongst a topic of fufillment, there is disappointment.

 I am a marketing major, I think advertising is fascinating and typically adore mocking most of it. However, some forms are just offensive to my gender and intellect. Here are some examples. 

Here are two fairly objectifying  retro advertisements:

This one is about a husband being mad at his wife for not cleaning with a douche-bag. The picture is just heartbreaking, not to mention abusive. I think it was a pretty low way to convince women to buy a product. Although this ad is from the ages of ignorant product knowledge (they just made shit up), it should be dually noted that a lot of current  advertising does not have empirical evidence to support its promotions; cleaning with a douche actually isn't very healthy for women.

Although I thought this ad was witty and convincing, it still has major faults. It's not only hetero-sexist, but also promotes male one track "sex" mind-sets. The item shouldn't be bought because it has value, convenience, or usefulness, but because the woman is appealing and you'll be more of a man if you support sexy women. I really dislike the idea that anything can be sexy. What if gross cameo and puffy down vests were thrown over a naked women, would they be less atrocious then?

Now for something not entirely different at all, here are two modern ads to contrast:

You would think the fact that a newspaper is only 20p (about 45 cents) would be enough of a selling feature. But no, apparently The Sun's British demographic is a load of sexually driven buyers, unwilling to purchase without some allure. Great job at discouraging a lot of your female readers.

Alright, this may be hilarious now, but think of the children people! The same communication could have been associated to a brain exploding. But no, they have to bring sex, and not just regular sex but that of the oral nature into the picture. Firstly, that girl looks like a blow-up doll, it's not even very sexually appealing. Secondly, the small text reads "if you desire something long, juicy, and flame grilled..etc," which instead of being sexy really means: if you want something really bad for you packed full of bad cholesterol, trans-fats, and calories, then this is the 'suggestive' food for you! Thirdly, if this is ok then why aren't Taco Bell ads featuring males licking hard-shelled tacos (yeah, I went there)? Because, it's disgusting and I feel that a lot of women would not be more inclined to buy such crudely promoted food. 

Thanks to my newly favorite blog Advertising is good for you, I now know how to term this overuse of sex.
 ATTENTION VAMPIRE: an element in advertising that sucks alway consumer attention from the brand. ( I swear, I did not make that up :)

Feminist and ethical advertising standards self, cool-down. Not all Ads are like this, however, I think it's about time that people look more closely at the hundreds of images put before them on a daily basis.Visit Advertising Standards Canada and get in touch with the standards.

Buy shit because you like it, find it necessary, or it's good for the environment... not because it gives you a boner... except Viagra of course. ;)

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