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Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's growin' before it starts snowin'?

Erase out-of-season foods.

I find myself asking the question: what fruits and vegetables are actually in season? quite often. It seems like something we should have been taught in biology class, a) because it's much more relevant than The Krebs Cycle and b) because it actually effects our bodies and the immediate environment around us. So, alas my blog public (pupils? peeping toms?) I shall feature a monthly blog entry on what is in season. Let's begin:

It's October:

Seed-infested sweet shit (fruit): pears- have three :D, apples, cranberries, limes, plums, pomegranate, raspberries, and tomatoes.

Nutty nuggets (nuts (yes, they have seasons too( yes, this is a parenthesis inside a parenthesis))): almonds, and chestnuts ( save some for those open-fires).

Vexed if you don't have em' Veggies: artichoke, bell pepper <3,beet, beet greens, broccolini (super posh Italian sounding broccoli), butternut squash, cauliflower, carrots, chard (mierda?), corn ( Well, unfortunately this always seems to be in season, modifications can be found in your Minute Maid juice, and Pringles chips... Oh, commodity crops.) eggplant, garlic, potatoes, radishes, spinach, sweet potatoes, wild mushroom (Hey, get back in the fungus category!).

Sources under the sea: Lobster, Mother Nature wanted us to eat garlic and lobster at the same time... it's divine seasonal crossing.

Why seasonal eating should make you salivate:
1) Local foods in season are more abundant, and thus, cost effective.
2) This is the natural time this food is supposed to be eaten, therefore it's the best tasting.
3) It's healthier for you, the foods have their greatest amounts of nutrients at this time.
4) It's healthier for the environment, usually out of season food : has to flown 1000s of kilometers from a different region, and picked prematurely thereby,losing taste and nutrition (it may even be better to have frozen seasonal food).

I'm going to my local farmers' market this weekend to try and get some of these great-tasting, cheap, eco goodies.

It's what mother nature ( insert denominational divinity/ruler of the earth here) intended.

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