Three Pears, three pairs, 3 X 2=6, threesome times two, six-tom, sex-a-ton, burn calories, hunger, pear, two more, and that makes three pears.

This is my brain:

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Below are some of the outcomes from the chemical circuits in my lobes and hemispheres. My second degree is in psychology, thanks for asking. :)
It's fascinating that you can think of a neurotransmitter e.g.. Dopamine, yet have completely different neurotransmitters activated to think that thought. Otherwise, all Neuro, Psych, and Medical majors would have cocaine like trips whilst thinking about Dopamine, or to be exact, whilst thinking of it in excess.

I saw the twisting and tossing of a leaf that fell on me through a window as aesthetic movement; the girl sitting across from me on the bus saw it as me throwing a leaf at her.

The word organism is far too close in spelling to the word orgasm... sorry grade 7 & 8 science answers.

The word puss is a gross and 3 dimensional form of synesthesia.

It is possible to code "Nerd" with binary 0's and 1's, this is the only thing getting me through ComSci 203. 01101110 01100101 01110010 01100100...yep, just went there.

I was legitimately made upset once about Aquafina+ being present instead of Vitamin Water.

The question between: 'Bluetooth earpiece, iPhone headphones, or Schizophrenia?' is a common one.

If only chipped nail polish and sporadic inappropriateness were professional...

Although it's extremely hypocritical, not to mention just plain critical, I will usually not follow a prompt given in improper grammar. At least not before I can passive-aggressively correct it:  "Oh there is CD's for sale, I am interested if there are CD's for sale!"

The human cerebrum and advanced cerebral cortex, distinguish us from all other mammals. Praise it and enjoy it, for good (questionable) mental health is to be cherished.

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