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Monday, September 14, 2009

Card collection

Over the last two years I have come across about 10  playing cards on sidewalks and roads all around the world. My first couple were found on  a very distinct night when a house party was cancelled and a group of us had to walk around and drink in miscellaneous parks... there is a picture of a couple of us in a gutter from that evening as well. I always carry the Jack of Hearts I found that night.  The reasons are that: my favorite number is 11 ( Jack card comes after 10), hearts are universal, and I like boys ( Jack). 

It's strange how many obscure/interesting items you can find during walks by just paying some more attention.  I actually heard from someone that playing cards were very common to find. I'm slowly making my way to 52.
Take a closer look and learn how to play poker. 
( Sorry about the strange smiling child in the picture, I really liked the 11 of hearts in the background )

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