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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poetry in Scheduled Motion

Mostly I absolutely dread having to rely on public transportation. It's always late when I need to get to class/work/the bar. My hatred of this eco-friendly choice of transportation is quantified during the majority of the year, when this city is in deep freeze mode. With the recent H1N1 scare, and my general disgust for touching anything on a bus, the transit riding experience has been rather unpleasant for me. 

However, the other day I finally saw one of the only things I enjoy about riding the bus. Poetry in motion, where for were thou?? These incredibly well written, usually free lance poems are featured in the commercial ceiling section of Calgary's buses. I remember the first time I saw one, I had to take a triple take. No way was there unconventional art plastered all over a highly frequented public place in one of the most conservative city's in this country! I was ecstatic.  I haven't seen one in almost a year, so it really made my day to see that they were out, about, and metaphorical once more! I secretly always wanted one of my poems to be featured there for wandering commuter eyes to see. This is what the poem reads in the image above:


By her bed his photograph.
And I wonder how many hours
They've looked at each other like this - 
She at the dead torn-away part of her life,
He at a now bird-thin grey old lady
Once so dark and lovely in his eyes.

- Christopher Wiseman

Ride transit, cut the C02 emissions, and get cultured. :)

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