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Sunday, September 13, 2009

200+ reasons to be happy. :)

1) Swimming in the sea 
Best friends 
A dog's unconditional love 
5) Seat Warmers 
London Fogs 
Helping others 
10) Recycling 
Classical music 
Sunrises ( Couldn't leave them out) 
Good advice 
15) Bringing a smile to someone's face 
Top 40 dance tracks 
Hearing your favorite bands live 
The New Yorker 
20) Birthday parties 
Love (these are obviously not listed in priority order.. <3) >
Hybrid/Electric Cars  
Scarves (preferably pretty hand knit ones) 
Mittens/ Hats that look like animals 
Christmas lights on trees 
45) Christmas lights on people 
Crave coconut cupcakes  
50) Laughing until your abs hurt 
Buying your little cousins ice cream 
Family reunions 
Being home 
55) Postcards 
Baking cookies 
Air drying clothing on the line 
Breakfast cereal anytime 
60) Tv shows named: Sex with Mom and Dad 
Booster juice 
Watching someone fall ( not hurting themselves of course...) 
Ben Lee and Jack Johnson (romantic songwriters in general) 
Fresh peaches 
65) Watermelon that totally soaks everything in your mouth's vicinity 
Irish accents 
Fuzzy slippers 
The voice change that helium causes 
Silly string 
70) Focusing on what makes you happy 
BBC news 
Unbreakable Australian bills 
Cevapi and Ajvar (it's a croatian thing, although I don't eat beef anymore)  
75) Roundabouts 
Kissing the Blarney Stone 
Mountain range views 
Tanned skin 
80) The smell of sun block 
Pina Coladas 
85) Campfire songs 
Tv series on DVD 
Leaving for vacations as soon as exams are over 
Youtube videos 
90) Text messaging 
ISEEESA (my business and environment club at university)  
Eco-friendly living 
The smell of burnt out candles 
Cold beer 
95) Psychology 
Visa cards 
100) Proper grammar 
Getting an A 
Steeps tea 
Wii games 
105) Drunk singing in taxis 
Chips and Dip 
Waking up on top of a mountain 
Castle explorations 
Local Farmers' Markets 
110) Mathematics (it simply fits together, please refer to blog description)  
Natural hot springs 
Doubling the speed limit 
Polka dot anything 
Aroma therapy oils 
115) People who play the piano beautifully whilst thinking that nobody is listening 
Sexual health education 
Post-it notes 
Board games 
120) Digital Cameras 
50% off sales 
Religious Studies 
Waffle makers 
Face masks 
125) Giveaways 
Swedish chocolate 
130) Song lyrics that paint an exact picture of your emotions 
Memorizing song lyrics 
Guilty pleasures like "Stars are Blind" by Paris Hilton 
Mnemonic devices 
Shisha bars 
135) Chai tea lattes (once took a bet that I couldn't go a week without one, I did it, but only because I got one if i did)  
Sunny days in the middle of winter 
Daily vitamins (with a vitah not a vayta) 
Breakfast At Tiffany's 
Bacon (my only exception to pesce-pollo-tarianism.... otherwise known as being fake-a-tarian)  
140) Silver jewelry from Sarajevo 
Peter's milkshakes (sans ecoli) 
Maps of the globe (pinning all the places you've visited) 
12 X 12 is 144 now shut your mouth and say no more 
A really warm bed in a really cold room 
Seafood in general ;) 
Collecting animal stickers from Croatian chocolates and putting them into my sticker book 
150) The gift of working/interacting with the disabled 
Really obscene rap songs 
Lazer Tag 
Getting ready to go out with your girlfriends  
155) Reproducing famous paintings and adding a modern aspect to them 
Message heart candy 
Good commercials 
Giving the dog a bath 
160) Furniture forts 
Working in a restaurant on Valentines/Mothers' Day (very good for the wallet) 
Breakfast at the Mutch's  
Yogurt parfaits (Starbuck's peach and raspberry to be specific) 
Textbooks that use Star Wars to explain a religious concept! 
165) 50's jazz parking lot music (rare but wonderful when found) 
Movie soundtracks (so many treasures) 
Learning another language 
Long lost friends 
Steam rooms 
170) The crunch of leaves in Fall 
The endorphins after a workout 
Dolphins (coolest mammals out there) 
175) Fashion Week 
The exuding high that over-tiredness/studying causes 
Changing your routines 
180) Temperatures above 20 Degrees Celsius 
ISEEESA partying together (we dominate the bar) 
Imported European candy  
Those bean bags that you heat up in the microwave and put on sore body parts <3 >
185) Sitting on a park bench and singing The Beatles for passers by 
How awesome lulu lemons are for the butt 
Dancing in the kitchen 
Sitting and dancing Music 
blog websites that allow free downloads <3>
190) Tarot card readings
Having dessert and a bottle of wine with the girls 
Croatian poetry 
195) The potential for solar power generating paint!!
 Letting spontaneity take reign
 Following your heart 
Insulting strangers with UK slang 
The money multiplier 
200) Realizing that life can be entirely lived in happiness  (hope you're close if you're still reading this!)  
Making the first run in fresh powder 
Driving on the left side of the road 
Demetri Martin and Dane Cook
 205) My iPhone (I think I need it to breathe)  
Guys who work at Starbucks and are either: really flamboyant or really attractive
 Tell me why- Supermode
 Fashion Television 
210) Dancing on tables 
Pull and Peel
 Guitar players 
Seasonal Chocolate - (Milka cream eggs)
 215) Coca-Cola from the glass bottle 
Compliments from strangers 
Warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream
Men in suits (Yes, please.)
 Irish milk (the best tasting)
 220) Whenever I don't have to rely on public transit
 Tea before bed time
 Free music downloads (Starbucks redeem system)
 Nellie's breakfasts
 High School friends coming back for the summer 
225) English AP
Deep Ecology 
Recycling empties to fund the more booze fund! 
Watching old Friends episodes  
230) The hangover giggles 
Green and Pink KiKi bonboni 
The Office UK 
Finding individuals downtown that look like The Office UK characters 
Serving old couples that are still in love 
235) Seeing Cougars at your favorite hip dance bar... wearing wigs 
Bottle opener keychains 
 Single stemmed red roses (I still have it <3)  
240) ZUMI ZUMI!!! 
The most interesting man in the world, dos equis commercials
 Stephen Avenue 
Bracelets made from bent Malaysian bark 
Lint rollers 
245) Porch swings
 Drunk people from the UK
 Massage oils 
Pencil skirts 
The first flower that buds in your garden 
250) Dog parks!!!! 
Supporting local artists/your friends 
Online Banking 
 Travel agents 
Finding really old pictures, it's much better than memory (minus the ones my sister puts up of me on fb) 
255) GPS on my iPhone  
Staple-less stapler
Heart-shaped sunglasses
Sepia toned pictures
260) HIM (I accidentally pressed caps there, somehow still ever so appropriate. :D)  

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