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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have a fairly addictive personality, when I like something I really like something...
People say I am a fairly passionate person, but in other respects I am really just a consumer whore. 

So, here is a list of my present addictions:

-My iPhone: 10 months, seems like a lifetime of bliss.  I am fairly sure I need this wonderful technological device to breathe, or carry out some other function that my medulla oblongata would usually be in charge of. 

-Vitamin Water: 4 months and still have multiple daily cravings. Best in Kiwi-Strawberry and Dragon fruit. 

-Starbucks Iced Chai Tea Lattes: 8 months, I had one everyday for  a month at one point. I am going to Costco this weekend to get some more in bulk...

- Twilight: 9 months. I dream about vampires at least once a week, and the New Moon movie comes out on my birthday, this obsession loves me too.

- This is The Life- Amy Mcdonald : 6 months, I love love love this song. It is ideal for my party university lifestyle right now, and just makes me happy!  

- The Office: 1 year, I owe this obsession to my friend the writer of Dainty Things. I watched the shows consistently online for a while, with 10 episodes watched in a single day once (I was sick, but still). I own the first two seasons and hope to acquire a greater amount of funding to buy the rest! Yay for situational irony and Dwight! 

- Vodka Cran highballs: 1 year, and I'm not moving. Vodka has always been my poison, but cranberry juice is good for my kidneys, tastes great, and is low is calories! Yay to not getting a beer gut or hangovers when I just drink these! 

- Thinking Green: started about 2 years ago, but has intensified ten fold over the past 2 months. I am constantly conscience of my own and the product's I use eco-footprints. I will write a blog entry describing all of my eco changes/ways of life. Until then I will continue to worry whether or not the organic corn from Mexico I ate yesterday, is really better than getting local pesticide sprayed cobs. 

-Solitaire: 2 years, I once beat this Microsoft Windows computer game in 53 seconds!! My friend with a french name beat my high score, but that doesn't take away from my sheer need to play at least one, or two... or an hour worth of games every day on my phone. 

- Yellow chicken curry: 8 months, The Chili Club Thai House has the best stuff. I have it almost every time I work, and crave it every other day.

- Day N' Nite (Kid Cudi crookers remix) : 7 months, this is my ultimate dance  song. I am pretty sure I have heard it at least once a day for the past 7 months, and it never gets old and never ever fails at getting me in a party mood. 

- Animal print: 3 years, I think it's with me for the long run. There is just something about the pattern of animal skin and fur that gets me off. My entire luggage set is zebra print, as is my phone case, a pair of shorts I own, and several pairs of underwear I have. I am still mourning my most likely drunkenly lost, giraffe print ballet flats. 

- Jon and Kate plus 8: 2 years, although I don't like or really want to support the current situation, an addiction is hard to kick.  I watch it over anything else on TV, unless i've recently seen the same episode more than twice. 

-Breakfast at Tiffany's: 4 years, I have my room themed to match the Tiffany teal, silver, white, and black. I was also Holly Golightly for Halloween two years back. The movie is just so darling.

- Updating my blog: one week, it's the newest but I see it sticking hard. I already have about 15 future post ideas, and think of a few new ones daily.

 I can never ever try hard drugs. 


  1. YAY! I've been trying to figure out how to add a playlist to my blog for so long, and this one is much better than any of the other sites I've tried. Great post and great song too!

  2. There are actually the other two songs I mentioned in the post on there too, just press on the arrows beside the song name!
    Thanks Hazel, I have your first from Euro land finally!