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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sushi Slippers and other reasons I love

Sushi slippers in Yellow Tail (light pink) and Tamago (yellow) flavor.

This is not an optical illusion. A wonderfully crafty, sushi loving individual has made, and is now selling sushi themed slippers, booties, iPod cases, and socks! It is truly wonderful the array of things you can find on esty; raw fish inspired foot coverings are my most creative and hilarious finds so far. I just love how the rice is made of plush fluffy fabric, and the fish are soft cushion looking things. I have yet to make up my mind between: yellow tail (light pink), tamago (yellow), ebi (shrimp guy), and spicy tuna (dark pinkish-red). Although, I do love the googley eyes featured on the 'shrimp guy'. There are also fortune cookie slippers, for when you're looking for fortune and guidance whilst avoiding cold hardwood. The items also appear to be shipped in those adorable take-out boxes. So, I digress with these hilarious/comfortable/delicious images:

You will find these comfortable... in bed.


iPod's love googley eyed Ebi.

It's soy good, it's so rice.

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