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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reality TV in Pastel (or the end of art as we know it)

So the other day whilst innocently clicking around I stumbled upon this:
(Link to gallery of pastel drawings)

Yes, some very talented and obsessive Hills fan has indeed made accurate portraits of most of The Hill's cast, as depicted during emotional moments. I love how everyone is basically crying or "pouting" (Yes, it was Heidi, big surprise). I commend this, seemingly neurotic and obvious 4 season DVD owner for not screwing around with ambiguity and artistic license. She cut the crap and drew what she was really thinking about on a Monday night: "Lauren really does have awesome crying mascara, she always looks so fragile and glamourous." Although, I feel slightly possessed saying it, the pastel drawings seem to capture the realness of the generally scripted "reality" TV show. 

The Karin Bubas pastel drawings of The Hills Characters, was just on exhibition in Vancouver.

Art makes people think, reality TV does not.

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