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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mad Men would be proud

Marketing being one of majors, I love seeing interesting advertising and product ideas. I have favorite commercials most of the time. Currently the Dos Equis commercial is still the most interesting in the world, I am also a fan of the new Dairymilk chocolate "techno eyebrows".
These are a few funny commercials I found on the Internet. They were considered too "racy" for broadcasting; perhaps, not all viewers appreciate dark and inappropriate humor like I do. 

I have a deep set appreciation for all condom commercials.

You know you're an advertising master when you can combine elders and sexuality and still make it funny.

How badly do I want this to happen the next time I go to the mall? 

I thought this commercial was personally hilarious. Everybody including the Blackberry to iPhone converts (my boyfriend, bless him) knows that Apple dominates in the fruit basket.
Find humor in life. 

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