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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Question Marks Ensue

I see things around me that are unexplainable, confusing, and simply irritatingly illogical. Here are a few, where question marks ensue.

How do flies and insects get caught in ceiling light fixtures? I am looking above my head at a small illuminated casket; wondering, how exactly a large moth edged its way in.

Why is it that so many garbage cans in bathrooms/public areas in the university have lids that are incredibly hard to open? This seems so unsanitary. It makes me resort to littering indoors.

How ironically delicious and inconvenient is it that the engineering building on campus is the most poorly engineered? Oh I see, to get from section A to B I have to pass through E and C, and then a creepy metal corridor that may lead to a highly dangerous assembly area.

Who decided introductory computer science was mandatory for a commerce degree? I would love to have a word with them.

Why didn't Friends make a movie? I would have watched it, probably twice.

Why oh why haven't the folks at Apple made it possible for iPods and iPhones to transfer files from the device on to another computer?  It's simply wasteful how many CD's I've had to make for sharing.

In the name of good-goodliness, why can't people figure out that facebook statuses no longer have 'is' in them? I'd love to know "What's on your mind" in a comprehensive way.

Why aren't there waterproof headphones, and iPod cases? I like to swim to the beat.

How come so many "supposedly" sustainable and eco-friendly retail companies still have plastic bags available at their check-outs? At the least have a paper or plastic choice, and more than 10 cents charged per bag used. Also, I really hate it when I see a recycling plastic bags bin in a lonely corner  completely masked by wasteful promotional signage. Come on, doesn't cognitive dissonance have any effect?

How is it that a simple probing blog entry became a big complaint spree?

Forget lost socks and bobby-pins, what happens to scarves, flats, bracelets, lip glosses, and curling irons? Where for art thou suddenly vanishing wonders??  Really, vexed about the curling iron, that instance must defy some physical laws.

How is it that nobody remembers chocolate covered cookie bars? Come one, Mr. Christie didn't make them for nothing.

What would happen if you received a miniature plastic figure of yourself in a Kinder Egg? Now there is a surprise! Better yet, a plastic figure of you in the future; Oh look it's me in a business suit appearing as if I am about to have a mid-life crisis!

How do comedic sitcom writers keep bringing on the intense funny every single week? I can barely keep this blog amusing. :P I praise their laughing tear causing ways.

What do you ?, ?


  1. Giving that a smaller sized garment is less material, shouldn't it cost less than a larger size? Is there a law against that? Because if there isn't why hasn't Calvin Klein done it yet?

  2. Yes!! But, I guess that would mean a giant backlash from bigger people, saying that the pricing is size-ist. I mean if you suddenly became obese, that wouldn't do you very well financially.