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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Daredevils, minus the tacky outfits.

Blessed be the overwhelming desire in males to see their friends subjected to awful dared actions. My lovely male affiliates have decided to prepare monthly challenges for the lot of us. The rule is that if you don't go through with the challenge everyday for the month, you have to do a dare chosen by the other non-losing friends, by May long weekend camping. The challenges end after each month, and there are 6 months for me to lose and possibly gain 6 dares.

This month is OctHundi, which means that the boys have to do 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 100 chin-ups EVERYDAY! Luckily, having an extra X chromosome gives me some slack and I don't need to do chin-ups and am allowed modified push-ups. I just finished up with today's exercises, and feel pretty good about being able to go through with the challenge.
I expect extreme tightening by halloween. :D

We have chosen some challenges for the coming months, which I think will be much harder to commit and stay dare-free from. For instance, today I purchased an excessive amount of chocolate, sour gummie candies, and pizza pops; November is no junk food month. My boyfriend and I are fairly stressed for the averse effects associated with me not consuming chocolate. I get a lee-way day for my birthday, so hopefully I'll be emotionally stable for that occasion. :)

The other month ideas are: no junk food, no shaving ( expect for female armpits), no underwear (totally impractical for Calgary in January... but it would be a hilarious inside joke), no drinking, and no TV.

There are a few ideas we are undecided on, mostly because we are apparently too immoral and reckless to go through with the following without failing instantaneously: no lying (just to parents, I'm still a good friend/girlfriend), no illegal activities (speeding and j-walking were the most concerning), and no shopping (although the boys said that would be effortless... I really just don't want it to happen).

Looking forward to my 300X26 morning exercises to come.

Challenge yourself, I dare you.

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