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Sunday, November 1, 2009


This weekend was exceptional. Other than Halloween hilarity, the Metric concert on Friday was a major high point. I have a few comments to make about the show:
  • How cool/attractive/not 35 looking/talented is Emily Haines? Incredibly, so. I support whatever addiction may cause her to be that way. 
  • The negative live image of her playing the synthesizer was a really great background. 
  • I really loved her outfit of a low back silver sequence dress. I personally think it was Twilight inspired (ahem, Twilight fantasies, and Help I'm Alive = symbolism people).
  • The 30 or so hanging bare light bulbs were great theme setting lights.
  • The best songs performed were : Monster Hospital, Stadium Love, Dead Disco, Sick Muse, and of course Combat Baby. 
  • Wish they would have played my favorite songs- Soft Rock Star, Love is a place, and of course Calculation Theme.
  • I am really glad that their fourth album is just as good as their other work. I appreciate the thematic nature of each of their albums. 
  • There is no need to get an artificial buzz from alcohol and drugs when a band's performance will have the same affect. I was buzzing after this show. 
  • It makes all the difference when the passion and joy of performance is palpable from the stage. 
  • I already can't wait for the next time I can see them live... hopefully not behind a head bobber with no consideration for my face's sensation of his hair. 

Keep doing it wrong, singing along.

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